5 cafes in Yerevan with delicious lunch options

Best places to have lunch in Yerevan

Since you love when I suggest options for cafes and restaurants, I decided that this time I need to make a list of the best lunch places in Yerevan. The list will get you acquainted with the favorite locations of the Armenian “creative class” when they pick a place to have lunch. I hope after you try some of their delicious food you will be satisfied with both the service and the food diversity they have. So, without wasting your time let’s just jump into the list.

Here are the best places to have lunch in Yerevan:

  • Aperitivo
  • Cafe De Angelo
  • Sorriso cafe
  • Tavern Yerevan
  • The Club

By the way, if by any chance you are a vegan or vegetarian, I would recommend you to check out my separate list of cafes and restaurants specifically made for you. Follow the links in the previous sentence. Anyway, let’s get into reading this post and if you visit any of those lunch places listed ping me on Instagram or Twitter with #ArmeniaTravelTips.

Aperitivo – where European and Armenian cuisines meet

Aperitivo is the place where you don’t need to compromise anything to eat well. They have a very diverse cuisine that includes European and Armenian food. It is one of my favorite places for lunch in Yerevan, and sometimes I also have my breakfast here 🙂 You also get the bonus of enjoying the city as it is located at the center of Yerevan near the Cascade stairway. Almost forgot to mention about the welcoming staff members at the cafe. 😉

Cafe De Angelo – famous for its trendiness and delicious taste

Cafe De Angelo is one of the places that tastes exactly as the pictures of the food on the menu. That’s why I recommend it to my friends and when I’m in Armenia this is my go-to brunch location. Besides the delicious lunch options, it also has a nice interior. Also, a fun fact; it is where most Armenian Instagram famous bloggers/influencers go so I guess this place is really trendy these days. It is in the central areas of Yerevan, so it is sure worth a stop at least for a morning coffee.

Sorriso cafe – high-quality Italian food

I must say that this place always surprises me with the diversity of its menu. You never get the chance to try everything on the menu. They have everything from pasta, soups, pizzas to gelato, desserts and even alcoholic drinks. And, of course, their pancakes just taste amazing 🤤 Along with the diverse lunch menu items they have one of the best services with the nicest employees. Even though Sorriso is more known to be a gelateria but trust me, they have a lot more to offer.

Tavern Yerevan – authentic taste of Armenian national cuisine

For those aiming to enjoy an authentic local experience in Yerevan, a visit to Tavern Yerevan (also called Pandok) is the best choice for lunch. Overall, it is an enticing location with impressive dishes and a robust national-style design. And the best part about having lunch at this tavern in Yerevan is that here you often get a chance to enjoy a live performance of Armenian national dances. And if you are a fan of traditional Armenian khash, this is one of the best places for tasting that filling dish.

I really enjoy that the staff here is extremely caring for their customers’ needs. The prices are slightly above average, but if you consider the authentic experience you get here, it’s worth the money. It is definitely worth a try.

The Club – perfect mixture of Armenian and French tastes

Travelers to Yerevan usually look for something unique when it comes to having lunch. And The Club is the type of place that mixes both Armenian and French cuisines. Even though it might seem like a stretch at first, I do believe this place must be on your lunch itinerary! You will also get the chance to drink locally produced wine from the owner of this restaurant.

Indeed, this is one of the priciest places in Yerevan, yet the quality and service provided are more than outstanding. Besides the great atmosphere, the menu will entice you with a wide array of traditional and French desserts, along with impressive main dishes. You can also enjoy your dinner here as sometimes there is live music which always makes it fun.

Final thoughts on the best lunch places in Yerevan

In general, if you ask me, I would say that the Armenian capital is a place for food lovers and especially for the ones who love the diversity and abundance of delicious stuff to try. So, you need to trust me on the selection of those cafes that offer the best lunch food options in Yerevan. Also, check out 5 of the best open-air cafes in Yerevan as they also have delicious food menu.

I hope after giving a try to some of the cafes I mentioned above you will be happy and full. I encourage you to share some of your impressions and opinions with me on Instagram or Twitter with #ArmeniaTravelTips. I’m genuinely curious to know what you think!

Featured image credit: fauxels on Pexels

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