Armenia nightlife cost: the typical expenses you’ll have

Armenia nightlife cost

It’s always exciting to have fun and go after new adventures, especially when you happen to be in a different country. But of course, it has a lot to do with money so I gathered some useful information about the financial cost of nightlife in Armenia. This is based on how much I would typically spend when I go out in Yerevan for a night out, so I hope it can serve you as an average guide to plan your expenses.

An average nightlife cost in Armenia would be around 15000 AMD ($37). This is if you consider the two-way taxi, entrance to the clubs, appetizers at a bar and cost of drinks.

Now it’s time to get to the breakdown of Armenia’s nightlife cost. And, please, don’t forget to reach out to me on Instagram or Twitter with #ArmeniaTravelTips to share your experiences and how much fun you had with your budget. I’m curious to know 😉

Average night-out cost in Armenia

As calculating an actual nightlife cost could be misleading and very different for everyone, I decided to break things down for you. I came up with the average costs you’ll have when you decide to have a night out in Yerevan. So I made a list of the costs for taxis, entrance to clubs, appetizers and some drinks with their prices. Now, we can just jump into each section and get an idea of what each would cost you in Armenia.


Taxi is probably the most convenient option for you to get around in Armenia,  especially after you have a couple of drinks at a bar. So you should definitely know the rates and taxi services that are available in Armenia. The lowest starting rate you can get is 300 AMD ($0.74) but because of the demand, it can start at higher prices. If your hotel/apartment is located anywhere within Yerevan, expect to spend between 1500 and 3000 AMD on a typical Friday night for a one-way ride to/from the center.

To learn more about the prices I would definitely advise you to have a look at my post about alternatives to Uber in Armenia. There you will learn about different taxi services and available taxi apps in Armenia, rates and operating conditions.

Entrance to clubs

It is good to know that lots of clubs and bars might have face control. On average, the entrance fee usually ranges between 3000-5000 AMD ($7.41-$12.35) but it can also be less and sometimes free depending on the night-out place. Note that weekends might be a little bit more expensive and in some cases, for girls, it may be cheaper to get in than for guys.

But, obviously, this isn’t written in stone so please check the information before you get there. The best way of reaching out to bars and clubs is by giving them a call or DMing them on Instagram.

Appetizers at a bar

I don’t know about you, but almost always I like to take some appetizers with my drinks. Usually, clubs and bars have it on their menus and a portion would cost you approximately 3000-5000 AMD ($7.4-$12.3) depending on the location. But, they are really something to keep you away from getting drunk especially if you haven’t eaten all day. Besides, we Armenians eat all the time :-), and food is an important part of our socializing rituals. So, do like the locals do – have appetizers.

Cost of drinks

As people usually get drinks at bars or clubs, I thought It would be a good idea to include some of the more common drinks with their prices. All listed prices are approximations and averages that you will see in night-out locations. But this would definitely give you an idea of how much to have in your pocket.

Alcohol typePrice per glass
Wine2000 AMD ($5)
Beer2000 AMD ($5)
Spirits3000 AMD ($7.4)
Cocktails3000 AMD ($7.4)

Perfect nightlife places in Armenia

I came up with the list below and divided them into some categories. Also, I linked them to their locations so it’s easier for you to find them on the map. And, you can check out my post on 5 of the best bars in Yerevan and the best birthday places to get more inspo on nightlife places.

Club vibes / party hard

Have fun and party

Enjoy live music and dance

Final thoughts on Armenia’s nightlife cost

Personally, I think in Armenia nightlife costs are not too high and you can have a really good and memorable time within that budget. At the end of the day, memories are what we value the most. So, it’s definitely worth spending a couple of bucks on that. You can also find 6 fun things you can do at night in Yerevan and fun places that you can visit in these posts.

I have also prepared a post on the cost of alcohol in Armenia which I think will be useful to know if you want to organize a fun gathering with your new friends in Armenia. Anyways, I want you to have a fun time here in Armenia and would wait for your thoughts about the cost of night-outs in our country. You can share them with me on Instagram or Twitter with #ArmeniaTravelTips.

Featured image credit: Marcus Herzberg on Pexels

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