7 most fun Armenian board games for everyone

Armenian board games

What better way to make friend gatherings more fun than playing board games together? The list of games I made for you is also educational and can even broaden one’s knowledge about different topics. So, let’s have a look at some of the coolest Armenian board games. It is also a great way to improve your language skills if you’re planning on learning or improving your Armenian.

Most fun Armenian board games:

  • Ayl kerp
  • De khagha
  • 99 qayl ynker
  • Brainy
  • Karmir te sev
  • Magelan
  • Ghdik

Most of these Armenian board games that are listed below are of the Dee Games company, which is run by Hayk Mkrtchyan. He is a really cool Armenian influencer/blogger and his IG is full of funny sketches and jokes. So, check him out if you want. And before you start reading the blog promise me that you’ll share some of your favorite games with me on Instagram or Twitter with #ArmeniaTravelTips. Honestly, I love all of them!

Ayl kerp – Armenian alternative to Alias

“Ayl kerp” is an Armenian intellectual board game that is very similar to the well-known game called Alias. During this game, you’ll need to explain words to your teammate so they can easily guess based on your hints. You are only given one minute to do that. Guessing each word is one point for the team and whoever’s scores add up to a higher number wins.

The rules are simple and if your friend group is made up of a minimum of four people then you should definitely give this game a try for ensuring a fun night. By the way, if you want other ideas to organize a memorable day then check out these 7 fun places in Yerevan as well. You may even want to play “Ayl kerp” at Loft if you don’t want to buy the game (this place is also listed at the link).

Age rangePriceWhere to buy
6500 AMD
3400 AMD
Ayl kerp
Zangak Bookstore

De khagha (Go Ahead, Play) – Armenian version of Truth or Dare

Like I said, “De khagha” is the alternative to the international Truth or Dare game that you’ve probably played at least once. This Armenian board game is most fun when many people participate. Cause why shouldn’t you embarrass yourself in front of a larger crowd, right?😁

There are four different playing cards in the game. Either you need to honestly answer a question you are asked or do a dare if that’s the card you picked. And also, you might have to show/impersonate whatever is written on the card or do a secret task that only you know about. Imagine how fun it can get if you start slapping yourself in the middle of playing the board game and see everyone’s facial expressions 😅.

Age rangePriceWhere to buy
12+4400 AMD4u.am
Zangak Bookstore

99 qayl ynker (99 steps, friend) – make new memories with your friends

This Armenian board game called “99 qayl ynker” is a great way to add new unforgettable moments to your friendship. Let me tell you how. On the playing cards you will see things like challenges or adventures that you need to do with your friends group. And then in the end you can take pictures and collect them in your “99 qayl ynker” game box.

You get so many ideas from this game and when you make those happen you make memories. That’s why it’s one of my favorite games to play and spice up the relationships I have with my friends.

Age rangePriceWhere to buy
16+2900 AMDZangak Bookstore

Brainy – improve your language skills

This intellectual Armenian board game is perfect for those who want to learn or improve their English language skills but in a fun way. So this could be a fun option for you if English is not your native language, or if you have some Armenian friends who would appreciate some of your help in improving their English skills.

There are in total 350 playing cards that are divided into 6 different levels (A1-C2). Each of these cards have a dedicated topic and includes 10 words that help you learn the language. In this entertaining way you can learn more than 4000 words in English and become more confident to communicate. This is absolutely for everyone who prefers learning while playing games with friends.

Speaking of fun ways to improve one’s language skills I suggest you check out my separate post on the best language learning apps. You can download these apps and start learning or practicing any language that you want. These might be an addition to “Brainy” and the results of you learning a new language will double.

Age rangePriceWhere to buy
8+6900 AMD4u.am

Karmir te sev (red or black) – Armenian version of Mafia

Mafia is probably the best game in the world and surely everyone’s favorite. There is no one who hasn’t played it at least once in their lives. So, here we are with the Armenian board game called “Karmir te sev”. The rules are simple and very well-known. But there are also new characters in this game that you are not familiar with. For a fun night where you gather around with friends, you really can’t go wrong with playing “Karmir te sev”. Trust me with this one 😉.

Age rangePriceWhere to buy
14+3900 AMDZangak Bookstore

Magelan – intellectual board game

If you are looking for an intellectual Armenian board game then you should definitely try “Magelan”. This will equip you with knowledge about different travel destinations and give you information about each location. There are 200 tourist attractions included in the game. Besides the fact that these playing cards are educational, they can also motivate some to start traveling. “Magelan” is a truly cognitive game and is a perfect gift for your nephews or nieces if they are young.

Age rangePriceWhere to buy
6+4900 AMD4u.am
Zangak Bookstore

Ghdik – the funniest board game

“Ghdik” is probably the funniest Armenian board game on the market. You’ll see why. There are 400 playing cards and they are divided into two categories. The ultimate goal of this game is to make the funniest possible combinations with the cards from the two categories and just laugh with your friends. It’s similar to “Cards against humanity” in that sense. “Ghdik” can surely make your gathering more fun and full of laughter. Not to mention that it’s the perfect gift for any occasion as they say “laughter is the best medicine” in any situation.

Age rangePriceWhere to buy
16+4900 AMDZangak Bookstore

Final thoughts on Armenian board games

In case of any questions regarding the games, you can freely contact the Dee Games via their Insta page. They will tell you all the details about buying their games. Make sure to follow them if you want to know about the new games they create. They also do pre-order so you can get them cheaper. So, don’t miss out on that opportunity as well. And, there are also some Armenian games available in the App Store for a fun night friend gathering.

Another sort of board game that is very typical for Armenia is Nardi (read more at the link). When you visit, you’ll probably witness many Armenians playing Nardi in their gazebos. I believe it’s a pretty interesting experience. Anyway, I hope you discovered some new board games for you. And if you did, I would appreciate it if you tell me about it on Instagram or Twitter with #ArmeniaTravelTips.

Featured image credit: Ryan Wallace on Unsplash

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