Armenia’s best places to visit in summer 

Armenia’s best places to visit in summer

It’s time to upgrade your travel bucket list with some of Armenia’s best places to visit in summer! In this blogpost, I am going to give you a list of top-rated destinations in Armenia, so you’ll have a wide range of choices when you are in Armenia. 

Though a small country, Armenia has 11 regions, each of which is distinctively fascinating and known for something unique. Let’s go through several popular regions and find out their must-visit places for summer. 

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Tavush province 

Tavush is one of the most “nature-rich” provinces, located in Armenia’s northeast. The destinations below are mostly in resort-town Dilijan, but you can also find popular places in other cities of the province. 

Dilijan national park

If you are a nature-lover, then this is the place for you. Some people even call this area “Little Switzerland”, because it is full of green and has very pure air. It used to be a national reservation but later turned into a national park. Many of my readers love hiking, and if you are one of them, then Dilijan is the exact match for you. Check out my post about Dilijan National Park and hiking there.

The Geological Museum and Art Gallery of Dilijan

In case you want to dig into the history and take an informative look at the region of Dilijan, then I’d recommend you visit the Geological Museum and Art Gallery of Dilijan. The building itself is very pretty, and it’s surrounded by some prominent figures from Armenian history. Inside, you’ll mostly see excellent artworks and historical artifacts. 

It will take you around 10 minutes to walk to the museum from Dilijan square’s main bus station. For the entrance ticket you will pay around $2, but a guided tour, which I highly advise you to take, will require an extra payment. 

Haghartsin Monastery 

Haghartsin monastery complex has the three most impressive churches in Armenia. The complex is located near Dilijan National Park and was built in the 13th century. It really has a beautiful view, as it’s in the middle of mountains with dense forest. 

During summer, the complex may seem a little crowded with tourists and also locals visiting from other cities of Armenia. Visitors also like to have picnics here, as there is this amazing bakery called “Haghartsin gata”. You will see long queues, but those “gatas” or sweet bread are worth the wait!  

Cafe #2 

If you happen to be in Dilijan in summer and want to take a break, Cafe #2 would be an ideal place. It’s located in the heart of Dilijan and is easy to find. You will get an amazing view, as the cafe is next to a small and beautiful pond. Last but not least, you will see international students from UWC Dilijan College working in this cafe. 

DiliJazz Hotel & Restaurant 

Combination of jazz music, nature and good food is something you will find in DiliJazz, a modern hotel on the highway to Haghartsin Monastery. I stayed here for two days and one of the evenings was featured by a popular Armenian jazz pianist Vahagn Hayrapetyan. Really loved the food and how nice the staff was here. 

Yell extreme park  

Tavush region has something great to offer to extreme-lovers in Yenokavan village – the extreme park called “Yell” is absolutely perfect in summertime. If you are bold enough to zip-line, you’ll witness an astonishing green view from the top. 

During summer, they also organize various parties in the park. I’d recommend you to check their social media pages to stay informed of upcoming events. 

Aragatsotn province 

If you are a wine lover, then read carefully 🙂 because Aragatsotn is a province with many different vineyards and it’s home for some of our favorite wine brands in Armenia.

Van Ardi 

Grounded both in science and soul, that’s how Van Ardi positions itself in the large wine market. The name of the brand means “The Sun of Van”, an ancient Armenian city currently located in modern day Turkey. This references the rich history and tradition of winemaking in Armenian culture that used to span across a broader geographic region than the country of Armenia does these days.

Van Ardi has a very large vineyard terrain, also a place for guests to have lunch or dinner and try the famous wines. The place is so beautiful that you’ll see people organizing their weddings there. 


ArmAs is another brand of great Armenian wine. Very popular among both travelers and locals especially, The ArmAs estate (winery), attracts a lot of visitors for wine tasting and other events in summertime.

One thing that I really love about this wine brand, is that they’re truly built on our culture and tradition. ArmAs generally incorporates different Armenian details in branding its wines. For instance, you will see Armenian bird letters or Trchnakir used on their wine bottles. Read my other blog post on Trchnakir, if you want to learn more about that beautiful style of Armenian calligraphy.  


Don’t miss out the Voskevaz winery, where you will find yourself in an 18th century style castle. The modern and the ancient meet not only in the winery, but also in wine production. Voskevaz mixes contemporary and ancient winemaking techniques. In addition, I recommend you to visit the beautiful gorge of river Kasakh, a few kilometers away from the winery. Generally, it’s worth exploring Armenian wine regions.

Gegharkunik province: Armenia’s must-visit place in summer

Gegharkunik is mostly famous for Lake Sevan, especially in summertime. This is our go-to for a short beach vacation. Check out my post about beaches on Lake Sevan to learn more, and trust me it’s absolutely worth a visit if you are in Armenia when the weather is hot.

Tufenkian Tsapatagh hotel 

At Tufenkian Tsapatagh you will find yourself  in a movie, a hero who appears in the crossroads of different civilizations where the modern comfort and the cave era design are nicely combined. The buildings of the hotel are located in different parts of Tsapatagh village with connecting gravel roads and ordinary villagers living their usual life. 

Noy Land resort  

The Noyland Resort is famous for its beautiful location next to Lake Sevan. Its beach is clean and the staff creates the best conditions for its guests in all ways. 

The morning yoga classes in summer with the view of the blue mountainous lake are the most healing for the body, mind and soul. 

Best Western Bohemian hotel

Quiet and peaceful evening walks and best drinks can be enjoyed at the Best Western Bohemian hotel. 

The hotel has a very nice pool outside, a great way to escape the extreme heat in summer. Also, the staff was really nice, and the hotel had clean rooms when I visited. So, I definitely recommend this place if you’re looking for a couple of days of chill and relaxation.

Syunik province 

Syunik province is perhaps the most beautiful part of Armenia. The density of types of landscapes is amazing. One will not notice how the green vallies turn into mountainous forests and then into high rocks. 

Khndzoresk swinging bridge

Khndzoresk bridge is one of the most visited places in Armenia, by the people who want to combine fun and a bit of extreme. If you want to reach the bridge you have to go about 150 steps down, but in return you will be rewarded with amazing scenery. 

After passing from one side to the other side of the bridge, you will still have to climb to return back, but there are taxis available. I won’t recommend this to elder people or those who might have difficulty walking long distances.

As you can already tell this place is very Instagrammable which is also an important part of any travel. That’s why I suggest you check out my list of 18 most Instagrammable places in Armenia and create your itinerary to explore our country with those locations. I’m sure you’ll be impressed!

Tatev Monastery and Tatev ropeway 

In Armenia, the word Tatev is usually referred to a girl’s beautiful name, but originally the name comes from the 9th century Apostolic monastery. Many consider the monastery to be the gem of Armenia since it’s been the country’s cultural and religious center for centuries. 

When visiting the monastery I recommend you to take the Tatev ropeway, the longest cableway in the world, yet the shortest and easiest route to the monastery. It travels over the Vorotan river and is a twelve minute flight.

I would also recommend you to take a guided private tour to get there cause the journey might get a little tiring if you’re without a good companion. You can familiarize yourself with some of the tour options including Tatev and the ropeway by reading about the best-routed tours from Yerevan post.

Wrapping up 

Armenia is so full of diverse tourist attractions, that I may have missed some other great places. Visiting Armenia in summer is perfect for endless exploration and adventures. I don’t mean that you will be bored during winter. There are wonderful places to visit in Armenia during winter as well. It’s just a matter of preference I guess and a matter of excitement.

Whenever you visit Armenia in summer, you should talk to locals as much as you can. No one knows the country better than Armenians themselves. I am sure they will uncover other unrecognized places for you. For this reason, you might also consider using the services of individual private tour guides, which is why I prepared a separate post on that. So, check it out before making any plans!

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Featured image credits: Photo by Vruyr Martirosyan on Unsplash

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