Soviet architecture in Armenia

The historic land of Armenia holds a unique architectural legacy that reflects its complex past. Alongside ancient churches and temples, Armenian architecture is significantly affected by the period of Soviet rule, which left an indelible mark on the country’s urban landscape. Today, as Armenia builds its future, preserving the architectural heritage while embracing contemporary trends […]

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Scary Armenian legends

Scary Armenian legends

Armenia holds a treasure trove of eerie folklore. These tales have passed from generation to generation. Today, we will take a journey into the scary world of Armenian legends where mystical creatures, ghosts, and supernatural forces weave haunting tales that aim to terrify your imagination. If you are not a fan of horror stories, then

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Armenian flag evolution in history

Armenian flag history

Armenian flag history is as old as the history of the nation itself. With its striking colors and meaningful symbolism, the Armenian flag is a true reflection of the unity my people put together over centuries. So, let’s make a journey into Armenian flag history together and learn more about how the Armenian flag evolved

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Armenian carpet

Armenian carpet history: let’s explore these timeless threads

Armenian carpets have historically been an integral part of our rich tradition of art and craftsmanship. Armenian carpets stand out as true masterpieces among many treasures of this beautiful country. They have a fascinating history and in this blog post, we will dive into their symbolism, cultural heritage, weaving techniques, and more. Originating in the

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Why do Armenians know Russian?

Why do Armenians know Russian?

The official language in Armenia is Armenian. However, almost anyone in Armenia understands and speaks Russian. According to ArmStat, 52,7% of Armenia’s citizens speak Russian as a second language. Why is that? Let’s find out! Armenia has always had tight ties with Russia. This was exacerbated during the Soviet era. Due to cultural, educational, political,

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Lenten Dolma

What do Armenians eat during Lent?

Armenia has unique culinary traditions that extend to the observance of Lent. The more traditional Armenian people give high importance to Lent viewing this tradition as a period of reflection, purification, and spiritual renewal. During this time, Armenians keep to a plant-based diet abstaining from animal products. These days, however, many people don’t follow the

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Armenian diaspora around the world

Armenian diaspora population

You may have heard of the term diaspora – representatives of a certain ethnic group living outside of their native country. You may have also met at least one Armenian in your home country. This is because the Armenian diaspora is one of the largest and most widely spread in the world, and that’s due

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Armenian citizenship by investment

Armenian citizenship by investment: Is it right for you?

Are you looking to obtain Armenian citizenship? If so, investing in the country may be a viable option for you. Armenia is currently developing an attractive citizenship-by-investment program that will allow foreign investors and other notable persons to obtain citizenship. The term Armenian citizenship by investment refers to the plans of the Armenian government to

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