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courier service to Armenia

Courier service to Armenia

Recently a couple of people reached out to me on IG asking for recommendations about courier services for sending parcels to Armenia. You might have made good friends in Armenia and now you want to send them a gift. Or maybe you visited Armenia and loved our country so much that you decided to move …

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Nose surgery in Armenia

Nose surgery in Armenia

Nose surgeries are a big thing in Armenia. Now, I am not saying that anyone should do a nose job. But it’s true that a slight change in the shape of the nose can change a person’s appearance quite significantly. If you are one of those people who think about rhinoplasty or nose surgery, consider …

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splash water

Weird Armenian traditions

Armenians keep to some traditions that may seem weird to foreigners. But what does the word weird mean? If you keep an open mind, it means that someone is doing something in a different way. I am going to talk about the ways Armenians do things. Some of these behavioral patterns may not be called …

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funny Armenian stereotypes

Funny Armenian Stereotypes

People have different stereotypes about different subgroups. There are also stereotypes about Armenians and different communities within the Armenian nation. Now, a necessary disclaimer is that all stereotypes are wrong, they lead to unfair judgments, and therefore should never be taken seriously. So, covering this topic I decided to look at some funny Armenian stereotypes. …

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two person wearing horse heads

Weird Armenian surnames

Surnames can be weird in any language, and Armenian is not an exception. For example, there is a funny English surname called Bodycomb. Italian Bellagamba means “beautiful leg”. We have weird Armenian surnames too, and they will probably make you laugh. Modern Armenians inherited some names from the past that have already lost their original …

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Lavash bakers

Unusual things to do in Armenia

There are lots of traditional forms of entertainment in Armenia like eating at the best restaurants or exploring ancient monasteries hidden on top of picturesque mounts. But some things are unique to Armenia. It’s a country where East and West mix in a fantastic aura.  If you are excited to do unusual things in this …

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