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Weird Armenian surnames

Surnames can be weird in any language, and Armenian is not an exception. For example, there is a funny English surname called Bodycomb. Italian Bellagamba means “beautiful leg”. We have weird Armenian surnames too, and they will probably make you laugh. Modern Armenians inherited some names from the past that have already lost their original …

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Lavash bakers

Unusual things to do in Armenia

There are lots of traditional forms of entertainment in Armenia like eating at the best restaurants or exploring ancient monasteries hidden on top of picturesque mounts. But some things are unique to Armenia. It’s a country where East and West mix in a fantastic aura.  If you are excited to do unusual things in this …

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Persian Tours Yerevan

Persian Tours in Yerevan

Armenia is a favorite destination for many Iranians. They visit Armenia to spend holidays here, many also come for business trips. Some Iranians want to see the country and it would be natural if many tour agencies provided Persian tours in Yerevan. Surprisingly, this is not the case. You will not believe it! I found …

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Nardi Armenian game

Nardi Armenian game

It’s hard to imagine an Armenian who does not play the game of Nardi. I recall when I was a kid, I saw men of all ages from my neighborhood hanging out in a small “bisetka” (that’s how we call gazebos colloquially) to play Nardi. That was the most common time-pass option. Sure, times have …

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