Armine Asryan

Armenian diaspora around the world

Armenian diaspora population

You may have heard of the term diaspora – representatives of a certain ethnic group living outside of their native country. You may have also met at least one Armenian in your home country. This is because the Armenian diaspora is one of the largest and most widely spread in the world, and that’s due …

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Armenians and braids

Do Armenians wear braids?

Wearing braids has been a hot topic in the past years. Some are accused of appropriating African culture by wearing braids. The case of the Kardashians was rather illustrative. So, I thought it would be useful if I looked at the braiding tradition among Armenians. I will talk about the role of braids in Armenian …

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Armenian duduk

Armenian duduk history

They say the human soul speaks in the language of music. If that’s the case I think the Armenian duduk is the perfect instrument for conveying the complex nuances of the human soul, and it has become a beloved symbol of Armenian culture and identity. No other instrument can express the Armenian fate, character, and …

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