Bar B.Q. Yerevan – my honest review

Bar B.Q. Yerevan

In this blogpost, I’ll review one of the most popular fast food venues in Armenia, named Bar B.Q. Yerevan. Many fast food places have been around this city for a long time already, but I think this is the most loved one so far. 

Read my thorough review carefully and decide for yourself if you want to visit it. And, in case you go or order something from Bar B.Q., let me know your impressions on Twitter or Instagram with #ArmeniaTravelTips.

Overview of Bar B.Q

Let me first give you general info on Bar B.Q., like its location, opening hours, takeaway and delivery options. 

Bar.B.Q. restaurant has two branches in Yerevan, one is on Pushkin street (click to see the location on the map) and the second one is on Komitas street. Since I have been to Pushkin’s branch, my review is mostly going to be about it.

I want to start with the fact that Pushkin street is one of the busiest and central streets of Yerevan. The street itself is filled with lots of cafes and restaurants. It’s really active both on weekdays and weekends. Some cafes on this street, including Bar B.Q. have an outdoor sitting area and most people prefer to have their time in this space, rather than indoors. The area is very vivid with great vibes.

The famous fast food spot operates from 11AM to 3AM, so it’s a really great option even for those who are up late and want to have a quick bite or just those who are having night cravings very often. 🙂

Bar B.Q. offers both takeaway and a delivery system throughout the operating hours. The cute thing about takeaway or delivery is that the staff always writes something nice on the packaging, such as “Have a good day” or “Today will be the best”. Call me naive, but I really love it!

Things I evaluated at Bar B.Q.

There are several things I considered about the restaurant before starting to write this review. Let’s go one by one.


I’ve previously eaten in other fast food restaurants of Yerevan (duh!) and I want to say that Bar B.Q. is simply different. Its modern interior, and the attitude of the staff create a special kind of contemporary but still welcoming atmosphere. 

The venue is located in a nice and small two-storey building, without any unpleasant smells. Smoking inside is obviously prohibited, which of course helps you truly enjoy your food. 

When you enter the building, you can notice the open kitchen on the first floor. I liked this approach embraced by Bar B.Q., as it kind of shows how the chefs work and the cleanness in the process. The overall place is very bright, because of the big windows and doors. 

On the first floor, you can also find the cashier’s desk. At first glance, one would think this is a self-service place, but after I paid for my food, they served my order at my table on the second floor. 

Types of visitors

I don’t think Bar B.Q. Yerevan aims at attracting any particular kind of customers. It’s a good place to spend time with family, friends or even alone. Though, while I was there, I met mostly young people, which certainly adds to the overall vibe of the venue. It’s cool, unpretentious and pretty relaxed.


Bar B.Q.’s menu is pretty wide for a fast food venue. It includes kebabs, shawarmas, lahmajos with meats like pork, chicken and angus. A recent great addition to their menu is pideh, which can be served with chicken, pork, ham & cheese, eggs or pepperoni. However, to be honest, the selection of salads in the menu is not very diverse, as they offer only three types of it. 

When I visited, Bar B.Q. I tried chicken bbq with potatoes and mint tan, which is a kind of “Armenian yogurt drink”. By the way, check out another post of mine on Armenian cuisine and must-try Armenian food.  

I have to confess that I really loved what I tasted here, as the food was fresh and yummy. I loved this combination so much that I ordered the same combo with a delivery later the same week.

Price range

Compared to other fast food restaurants in Yerevan, Bar B.Q. may seem a little more expensive, yet I think a little price difference is justified with higher quality. 

I’d classify the food prices into the following ranges: 

  • Shawrmas and kebabs: 1300 – 1500 AMD (about 2.9 – 3.3 USD)
  • Pidehs: 1200 – 1600 AMD
  • Lahmajos: 800 – 1000 AMD 
  • Salads: 800 – 900 AMD


Coming to the “front-line” employees at Bar B.Q.. I was very pleased with how nice the staff members were, both when I was at the restaurant and when I ordered my food through the phone. 

The employees of Bar B.Q. are really good at making the right food offers, once you tell them what you like. So, if you’re visiting for the first time, and if you’re not sure what to try first, ask them for an advice. I don’t think you’d be disappointed.

Summing up Bar B.Q.’s pros and cons 


  • The Pushkin branch is very accessible whenever you are at the city center.
  • Even though the restaurant has many visitors, I think you will always find a place to sit, cause this is a fast food place and people don’t spend entire evenings sitting around.
  • The food is really fresh and tasty. I’ve heard the same opinion from many other friends and read similar reviews on Tripadvisor
  • The atmosphere is nice and I think it’s a good place to hang out with friends.
  • The staff is very friendly and helpful 


  • The menu may seem limited to the people who don’t eat meat. Maybe they can only pick falafel kebab, cheese lahmajo, some salad or adjarian pideh (although it has eggs in it). 
  • Last time I waited for 20 minutes to have my food, which I think is quite a long time for a fast food restaurant. I get it, they’re super popular, both the venue and for online orders. But I’ve noticed they’ve been recruiting new staff members through their social media.

My overall rating would be 9/10 for Bar B.Q. Yerevan. It’s a very cool place and frankly, I wish lots of success to this restaurant. If you’re done with your dinner, and you’re looking for a cool place to wash the food off with some drinks, check out my favorite bars in Yerevan.
If my review encouraged you to check Bar B.Q. out, take pictures of your food and share them with me on Twitter or Instagram with #ArmeniaTravelTips. Looking forward to it!

Featured image credits: Barbq Yerevan on Facebook

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