5 of the best places to celebrate your birthday in Yerevan

Birthday places in Yerevan

Birthdays are always fun to celebrate especially when you’re surrounded by your friends and loved ones. But let’s not forget that the chosen location to celebrate your birthday isn’t of less importance. Especially if you happen to be celebrating your birthday on your trip to a new country, where you don’t know the coolest venues.

That’s why I did some research and found some of the best birthday places in Yerevan that you can trust with your special day celebration. And just to be clear, this is not a post about organizing birthday parties for kids. Quite the opposite, this is for you, my lovely millennials, who want to have fun while visiting Yerevan during your birthdays.

Best birthday places in Yerevan:

  • Mezzo Club
  • Jellyfish
  • B-fly Garden
  • Beach Yerevan
  • Pahest33

In case you end up celebrating your birthday in one of those locations listed, remember me. I would want to see some of your coolest pictures from those locations so don’t forget to mention me on Instagram or Twitter with #ArmeniaTravelTips.

Mezzo Club

Mezzo Club is one of my favorite locations in town when I want to enjoy my evenings and listen to live band performances. In fact, I have been invited to a birthday party there once, and it was so much fun as everyone was dancing and having a good time. Also, I believe combining a piece of Armenian culture in the form of music with your birthday would be an experience you’ll remember.

Before you make up your mind on the birthday location, I would suggest you check out the event and singers they have on that day. And, only after researching the band/music they’re going to play then make a decision on the location of your choice. You can see the bands, events, menu, and make reservations on their website. Also, see the venue in 3D here for a better idea.


Jellyfish has become one of the most popular locations in Yerevan after its opening. That’s probably because everyone wanted to have such a cool venue for a while. It’s a true tropical island and has the perfect place for any occasion starting from birthdays to wedding ceremonies. Especially if your birthday is in summer then you can surely organize a pool party here with a DJ and your friends will be very impressed.

I don’t even want to mention the fact of having epic pictures from your crazy birthday celebration. But, I will have to say that Jellyfish is more on the expensive side. The entrance price for a regular day is 18000 AMD ($45) but they might offer some birthday discounts. So make sure to discuss that as well. You can get in touch with them via Instagram.

I believe this place is very “Instagrammable”, and for birthdays sometimes all you really want is a good photoshoot 😁. So this location is surely recommended by me. But if you seek other Instragrammable locations in Armenia you can read my separate post on the topic and while taking good pictures also explore Armenia. 😉

B-fly Garden

Regardless of the number of your guests, I believe B-fly Garden is the perfect place for a dynamic birthday party. The prices are good (on average 10000-12000 AMD ($25-$30) per person) and they even have a birthday package for 10-12 people that costs 120000 AMD ($300). If you take the birthday set option it will save you a ton of time and the trouble of birthday menu planning. Not to mention the fact that you’ll save money on the set menu and still have enough food to eat. Just know that in terms of fun, it’s pretty much guaranteed. 😉

They also have DJs every day who start the music at 8 PM and until 11 PM the party vibe is always there. B-fly Garden is located on a rooftop and you can also take good birthday pictures there especially during summer as the open space area is available for their guests. They also have cute design walls inside that you can use for your pictures.

And, even if you don’t have a birthday celebration you can still visit there for a drink. You’ll just need to reserve a table and pay for what you order as usual. Here is their Instagram page in case you want to contact them.

Beach Yerevan

This place is very unique and so to speak very “sandy”. Let me explain what I mean. The whole floor of Beach Yerevan is beach sand which gives a cool vibe to the place. Besides, it seems like you’re in a different world with a panoramic view that’s incredibly beautiful during sunset. Definitely, a good birthday place in Yerevan where the DJ is playing, you’re dancing on a sandy floor, and taking cool pictures with a view. Isn’t it what you want for your birthday?

In case you celebrate your birthday here, then know that it’s probably going to be different from your previous birthday celebration. That place is my absolute favorite for the unique vibe it has. The staff is also really nice so you shouldn’t expect anything to go off your plan.


Pahest33 is a bar and restaurant where you can organize your birthday party if you’re above 21. They do have DJs and offer diversity in their menu so it will be easy for you to pick out the food you’ll have on your birthday. It is delicious and many of my friends enjoy going there even on a regular basis.

I believe you will have a really fun evening at this place as the DJs will keep the mood high at all times. You can check out the 3D render of the venue before even going there and their Instagram for getting in contact with them. It might look like a very chill location but trust me the music there makes everyone dance till night.

Final thoughts on birthday places in Yerevan

I think you will have lots of fun if you choose any of these venues for organizing your birthday party. Surely, these places are fun but at the end of the day friends and loved ones make your birthday truly special. But, if you don’t really love celebrating your day with lots of music you can always have a chill gathering and just hang out with your special ones. I think these 7 spots/romantic places in Armenia could really add to your day and give ideas for a more chill birthday celebration. Also, don’t forget about this list of fun places in Yerevan as well.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your day and remember it regardless of where you decide to celebrate it. But I do want to see some good and happy faces from your birthday. So I would really appreciate it if you share some pictures with me on Instagram or Twitter with #ArmeniaTravelTips. I will wait for those!

Featured image credit: Samantha Gades on Unsplash

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