Cheap car rentals in Yerevan: the options you have

Cheap car rentals Yerevan

Sometimes when you travel to a new country you want to explore everything on your own. One of the best ways to do that is by renting a car. However, it can get pricey at times. But you always have the option of renting cheaper cars and especially, if you travel with a group of friends, the cost will justify your decision. I selected two cheap car rentals in Yerevan and I want to share an overview of their services with you.

Cheap car rentals in Yerevan

  • Swift Rent a Car
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car

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Swift Rent a Car – my favorite budget car rental in Armenia

Swift Rent a Car is one of those companies that want to be close to the customers all the time. That’s probably why they offer 24/7 airport delivery, hotel delivery, and to-my-door services. In all these cases, you get the car delivered to you free of charge. You only need to provide your location information and they’ll do the rest for you. It’s also very easy to make a booking on their website.

As I care about your safety, I think it’s a good idea to get some tips on what to expect from driving in Armenia. For that, just have a look at my post and only then make up your mind to drive here. Sometimes the roads are not in the best condition. Also, Swift Rent a Car offers you the option to hire a driver. So, if you don’t have a license or just simply want to seat in the back and enjoy your road trip without driving, this is your go-to service.


The prices mentioned below are presented for short-term car renting, in USD, and for different car models. For long-term rental inquiries, contact the Swift team. The good news is that their prices are even cheaper when you rent the car for a longer duration.

Car rental rates

FleetPrice for 1 dayPrice for 4-6 days
Ford Fiesta or similar5748
Kia Rio or similar6253
Kia Rio X-Line or similar6959
Hyundai Elantra or similar7161
Nissan Kicks or similar7765
Renault Duster or similar8169
Toyota Camry or similar8674
Jeep Compass or similar9480
Kia Sorento or similar10488

Note that at Swift Rent a Car they do not have any hidden costs. These are the numbers you will actually pay without any surprise last-minute price additions. Another important thing to have in mind is that they require a damage/security deposit of 150,000 AMD for all of their cars (in case of full insurance – 100.000 AMD). But the whole amount will be refunded back to you if you don’t damage the car.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car – international yet cheap

Enterprise is one of the most famous car rental service providers in the world and yes, they also have a branch in Yerevan. Their main address is on 5/1 Northern Avenue which is in a very central area of the city. They have really good cheap car options, that’s why I think they’re worth your attention.

Also, being represented in several countries of the region, they offer the “One Way Rental” service which gives you an opportunity to visit Georgia during your time in Armenia, for example. Isn’t it cool?. Following this link, you can make a reservation and find great deals. And here you can see the list of all the available cars.


The prices listed are only for automatic transmission cars and as you might have guessed the manual options are a bit cheaper. Side note, don’t refuse to take on extra insurance when they offer it to you for a bit of extra cost. Armenian roads can be tricky sometimes, and I think having the car insured can spare you a lot of potential trouble.

Car rental rates

FleetPrice per day (in USD)
Ford Fiesta or similar73
Mitsubishi Lancer or similar74
Ford Focus or similar76
Hyundai Elantra or similar76
Opel Mokka or similar114
Renault Duster or similar117
Hyundai Tucson or similar118
Toyota Camry or similar118
Honda Pilot or similar235

Final thoughts on cheap car rentals in Yerevan

Hopefully, your time in Armenia will be filled with unforgettable memories whether you rent a car here or not. And before you do that make sure you read my post on all the things you should know about renting a car in Yerevan. It will surely give you a general overview of the “how” for this.

Let me know how your trip went in Armenia and what location you managed to discover with your rented car. I will wait for your messages on Instagram or Twitter. You can also post your thoughts with #ArmeniaTravelTips. Have a nice trip!

Featured image credit: Sindre Strøm on Pexels

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