Yerevan airport bus: how to use the cheapest transport from and to Zvartnots

Yerevan airport bus

If you are traveling from or to Yerevan airport, you don’t have to take a high-cost taxi. There is a cheaper way to travel to the city center. In this blogpost, you will learn everything about traveling from and to Zvartnots on the Yerevan airport bus. So, keep on reading to make your tour less stressful and more affordable. And don’t forget to share your impressions from this bus with me on Twitter or Instagram with #ArmeniaTravelTips

How to travel from and to Yerevan airport on an express bus?

The Airport Express bus (#201) operates between Yerevan airport and the city center. Currently, it runs every 30 minutes between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m, although there are plans for it to return to the standard 24/7 schedule in the future. The complete route between the airport and the Yeritasardakan metro station in central Yerevan takes 30 – 40 minutes. The bus ride costs 300 AMD.

How to use the Yerevan airport bus from Zvartnots?

Type of vehicles

Airport Express #201 (also called Elitebus) is a comfortable and very affordable way to get to Zvartnots airport from Yerevan, and from the airport to the city center. This Airport Express operates with Mercedes minibuses that are equipped with WiFi and air conditioning and they can fit up to 20 passengers. There is also enough storage room in the vehicle, which is great, cause you’ll definitely be taking some snacks with you when leaving Armenia. 🙂

Bus stop for departure

The bus stop at the Yerevan Airport is located in front of the Arrivals Hall on the ground floor. It’s easy to detect the Shuttle Bus sign as you leave the airport, so don’t worry about finding the bus stop.


This express bus service operates daily from 7 AM to 10 PM, and it runs every 30 minutes. This schedule is temporary, as of 2022, due to the current travel restrictions. The operating company, Elitebus, announced that when things settle they’re planning to return to their normal 24/7 operating schedule. If you want to check the most up to date schedule, go to T-Armenia. I really like this web-app for tracking transport routes in Armenia.


Yerevan airport bus costs less than a dollar. You have two options to pay – cash, in AMD, or with a bank card. The ride costs AMD 300 both for adults and for children. The return fee is AMD 600. 

You may need to exchange money at the airport in order to be able to pay for the bus ticket in cash in the local currency. Zvartnots airport has a foreign currency exchange window, but you may not get the best rates there. So, the best option is to exchange a small amount of money just to get to the city center. And then you can exchange more money at banks or exchange points in the city later. The exchange rates at the airport are not the best, anywhere in the world, and the Yerevan airport is not different in that regard.

Route and terminal bus stop

On the way from the airport to the city center of Yerevan this express bus has 4 stops, and it terminates near the Yeritasardakan metro station. These are the stops of the bus on the route from Zvartnots airport:

  1. Zvartnots International Airport
  2. Kilikia bus station
  3. Missak Manouchian park
  4. France square (Mashtots avenue)
  5. Yeritasardakan Metro Station

The total travel time is around 30-40 minutes depending on the traffic. The Opera House and the Republic Square are just a short walk away from Metro Yeritasardakan, where the bus terminates in the city center. So, if you’re planning to stay in the downtown, you won’t have any problem finding your accommodation.

How to use the Yerevan airport bus from the city center?

Types of vehicles

Elitebus uses the same minibuses to and from Zvartnots airport. These are comfortable vehicles to travel that are well maintained, as described above.

Bus stop for departure to the airport

Yerevan airport bus departs from a bus stop near Metro Yeritasardakan on its journey to the airport. The stop is not right at the entrance of the metro, so you need to find it first. The bus stop is located behind SAS supermarket at the corner of Isahakyan and Abovyan streets.

You can also wait for the bus (heading to the airport) at one of the other two stops in the city center. It stops in Amiryan street, and in front of the Pak Shuka market. The route looks like this:

  1. Yeritasardakan Metro Station
  2. Amiryan street
  3. Pak Shuka market
  4. Zvartnots International Airport

However, I’ve heard people complaining that it doesn’t always stop there, unless you actively wave at the driver. So, to be on the safe side, I’d recommend taking this bus #201 from the first stop – next to Yeritasardakan metro station.


Currently, this airport express bus #201 runs every 30 minutes during day time (7AM – 10PM) in both directions – from and to the airport. If you’re planning to leave the city center at night, consider scrolling down and checking alternative means of transportation.


The price for the bus ride from the city center is the same as from the airport – 300 AMD one way, for both adults and children. This translates to less than a dollar per ride, so it’s pretty cheap!


This Airport Express bus arrives at Zvartnots airport. It stops next to Arrivals Hall just in front of the entrance. You will get off at the place you took the bus when leaving the airport.

Other options to travel from and to Yerevan Airport Zvartnots

If you’re planning to travel from or to the Zvartnots International Airport outside of the operating hours of the express bus #201, or if you don’t want to use this bus for any other reasons, there are other options too. Below you can see some alternative ways to get to / from the Yerevan airport at any time of the day.

Hotel transfers

Hotel transfers may be a bit pricey but if you prefer comfort after the flight, this is an option to go. Prices are around $20 and the minibuses can fit up to 4 people. So, if you are not alone and there are more people traveling with you, you may end up paying $5 each. Hotel transfers must be arranged with the hotel where you book your accommodation. So, keep this in mind, and rather arrange it well beforehand if you’re planning to use this service.


If you’re planning to leave the city center at night, it’s less troublesome to travel by taxi. Luckily, taxi services in Armenia are quite cheap. If you order a Yandex taxi car with the Yandex app, it may cost you up to 4-5 USD even during the night hours (depending on the rates, the price may fluctuate). Alternatively, you can call GG taxi or Utaxi. I have a whole post about taxi apps in Armenia, so check it out to learn more.

Zvartnots airport is connected to Wifi so you will have access to the internet. By the way, you can also buy a SIM card while at Zvartnots airport. And I strongly recommend using a local SIM card and staying connected while in Armenia. To be prepared, read my post on the best sim card in Armenia.

If you don’t want to download a new app, there is also a Yandex office at the airport so you can order a car directly from the office. The ride ordered like that is priced at a minimum fee of 3000 AMD (approx. $6) for a trip anywhere in the city center.

Yerevan airport bus: wrap up

Traveling should not be a hassle and should not cost you a fortune. You will definitely enjoy your trip more if you are prepared. I will be happy to know that this post helped you plan your journey from or to the Yerevan airport using the express bus. So, if you found this blogpost helpful, let me know on Twitter or Instagram with #ArmeniaTravelTips.

Featured image credit: Photo by Nubia Navarro on Pexels (CC)

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