18 most Instagrammable places you can find in Armenia

Instagrammable places in Armenia

Well, no matter what the purpose of your visit to Armenia is, you most likely wonder where to find the most Instagrammable places in the country. And since I am here to help you, up next, I share the top locations in Armenia where you can take the best Instagram shots with your phone. So, let’s jump into it!

Here is the list of the most Instagrammable places in Armenia:

  • Garni temple
  • Symphony of stones
  • Shaki waterfall
  • Cascade view
  • Pedestrian tunnel
  • Tatev monastery
  • Khndzoresk swinging bridge
  • Vernissage flea market
  • Charent’s arch
  • Khor Virap
  • Republic Square
  • Azat Reservoir
  • Kond
  • Dalan art gallery
  • Zvartnots cathedral ruins
  • El Garden
  • Blue Mosque
  • Mirzoyan Library

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Garni temple

The Garni temple is surely a masterpiece of art that reflects Armenia’s historical past before we adopted Christianity. This is a unique Pagan structure that has so much value to us and also makes a perfect place for some good Instagram shots.

Symphony of stones

The Symphony of Stones is something you probably have never seen before. It’s a true miracle of nature. It appeared because of the collapse of volcanic rocks. As a result, we got something that is just like an organ and people love this location. You can surely impress your followers with perfect Instagram pics. 😉

Shaki waterfall

This 18 meters waterfall will leave you with so much relaxation especially if you’re a fan of nature. Shaki waterfall has marvelous nature and honestly, for me, it’s one of the natural wonders you can find on Earth. It’s truly spectacular and you can surely have nice Instagram shots here!

Cascade view

If you’re searching for an intriguing Armenian landscape, Cascade will definitely offer you a great Instagram shot. You can use the background of the city and the view of Mount Ararat, or you can simply take a shot by concentrating on the stairway itself. Either way, you’ll have something to post hopefully! 😁 And if you are curious enough about Soviet architecture, you might as well take Soviet tours in Yerevan.

Pedestrian tunnel

This pedestrian tunnel in the center of Yerevan might seem like a simple place at first. But, I can guarantee if you have a photographer’s eye you will get some really cool Insta pictures there. I would say it’s a perfect place, especially for couples but even if you’re single don’t miss your chance! It’s also one of the abandoned places in Yerevan, so feel free to go there.

Tatev monastery

Tatev monastery has cultural and religious meaning to all Armenians and the surrounding nature of it is just spectacular. That’s probably what makes this Armenian gem so Instagrammable for many. And, if you’re already here, you can surely consider taking the Wings of Tatev ropeway which happens to be the longest of its kind in the world, and make your trip even more memorable! Before you decide to take your trip to Tatev, read how Armenians became Christian. It’s always good to have some background before visiting a place.

I believe you might need some help and ideas to organize a day trip to Tatev so I leave a link to my separate post on that topic. You can thank me later! 😁

Khndzoresk swinging bridge

Besides the extreme and fun experience, you will have at the Khndzoresk swinging bridge, you will also take really good Instragrammable shots. This place also offers amazing scenery of nature but be prepared to walk a lot. But for Instagram, maybe it’s worth the hassle, huh?

Vernissage flea market

Well, if you’re feeling creative, a visit to Vernissage can become a great occasion for an original photoshoot in Yerevan. Several portraits with souvenirs in the background can be seen here, along with traditional clothing items, accessories, and traditional Armenian carpets. All these were used for filmmaking, so there are plenty of choices for you.

Charent’s arch

When traveling from Yerevan to Garni, you should pay close attention to the bus stop at the Charent’s arch. Here you can admire the impressive view of Ararat and, if time permits, you can make it an Instagrammable moment.

Khor Virap

The design and architecture of Khor Virap, along with the heavenly view of Ararat, will make you feel like you’ve stepped into God’s land. Besides taking pictures for your Instagram, you also visit one of the most pilgrimage spots available in Armenia. So, your trip to Khor Virap becomes both cultural and “social” if you know what I mean. 😉

Republic Square

And what better place to take your Instagram shots in Yerevan than the central Republic Square? Well, the buildings here were created with pink tuff, which is why the atmosphere here is always festive. There are plenty of things you can photograph here, ranging from the armor of Urartu warriors to the singing fountains.

Azat Reservoir

The beauty of Azat Reservoir proves the point that Armenia has a picturesque nature thus making it very Instagrammable. I think the IG post below proves my point that it’s surely worth a visit. In fact, many go there and organize a picnic but the main purpose of their trip is for sure to take nice pictures! 😉


For those travelers who aim to use their creativity and avoid stage-like photography, a stroll along Kond might be the trick. It is a residential area and also the oldest neighborhood of Yerevan, so there are plenty of ideas you can enact here. My tip is to take some time to stop and play a game with a local old man. That can also become your next popular Instagram post! 😉

Dalan art gallery

After having lunch at this attractive Armenian restaurant, you should take the time to admire your surroundings. You can take the best Instagram pictures at Dalan art gallery due to the interesting wall in the courtyard. This was designed with compelling ceramic-painted plates by following the authentic design of 19th-century architecture. 

Zvartnots cathedral ruins

Zvartnots cathedral appears to be otherworldly, and many locals call it the “Temple of The Watchful Spirits”. The ruins here are stunning, and on a clear day (aim for colder morning hours), Mount Ararat will join your photo session too, making your Instagram pic perfect!

El Garden

El Garden is one of my favorite places in Yerevan when I need to dine out. It gives you the vibe of being in nature as you basically sit under the trees. Besides, the chill environment is surely there. So, if you’re in that mood, then this place will surely steal your heart and the Instagram shots you’ll take there will probably become one of your favorites.

Blue Mosque

And I do believe this unique location will be the highlight of your journey. The iconic dome with ceramic tile ornaments and the arched windows of the Blue Mosque is the best background for your Armenian Instagram photoshoot.

This Iranian mosque was constructed back in the 1760s, which is why it has an intriguing flair. Here you can both take a memorable photograph or simply enjoy the silence after a long day of walking around. You might be surprised but it is one of the main historical sites in Armenia. You can check out the full list at the link.

Mirzoyan Library

This is one of the oldest patios in the area and I believe it makes an amazing place for Instagram shots. The wooden balconies and stairs at Mirzoyan Library are authentic, being a rarity in Yerevan. You can take an interesting photograph here while enjoying a cup of tea in a Soviet dining set. Don’t forget that you can also read some books as this place offers a perfect combo of a library and a cafe.

Final thoughts on the best Instagrammable places in Armenia

Finally, you have the complete list of the most Instagrammable location you’ve been waiting for. I hope you marked a couple of good spots for you to try while you’re in Armenia. Also, you might want to check out some of the best romantic places here and get some inspo for more spots, or check out these gems of modern Armenian architecture. And if you really like to amaze your friends, go horse riding in Yerevan and take some pictures! Let me know which ones you liked the most on Instagram or Twitter with #ArmeniaTravelTips. I will look forward to your DMs.

Featured image credits: Abby Chung on Pexels

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