5 of the best open-air cafes you can find in Yerevan

Open air cafes in Yerevan

Open-air cafes are everyone’s favorites, especially when the weather is not too cold. It’s ten times more enjoyable to sit outside and drink your cup of coffee while breathing fresh air. And, in Yerevan, you can find lots of places that have an outdoor seating area; however, not all of them are open-air. But today, I made a list of the best 5 open-air cafes that you can find in Yerevan.

Here are the best open-air cafes in Yerevan:

  • Gouroo Club & Garden
  • El Garden
  • Keerk & Co
  • Flagman cafe
  • Abovyan 12

I will go through this list of open-air cafes and give you information about what specifically appeals to me. And, in the end, if you find any of those cafes worth visiting then please let me know about it on Instagram or Twitter with #ArmeniaTravelTips. I would really appreciate hearing your thoughts on them.

Gouroo Club & Garden

Gouroo Club & Garden is one of my favorite spots for rest, work and inspiration located on Saryan street. It’s a perfect example of an open-air cafe where you can even create a cozy working environment for yourself. You can enjoy the nice outdoor area with a cup of coffee and even interact with some of the cat family members they have in the yard. They also have an indoor place with a chill vibe which you’ll probably like.

Either way, the staff members are really nice and will help you decide what to order and where to sit. The lively atmosphere of this family-style cafe makes you feel at home. For booking a table, menu, delivery, or any other inquiries you can visit their website.

El Garden

At El Garden, you will literally feel like you are in a romantic forest as it’s not just one of the ordinary open-air cafes in Yerevan. Let me explain to you why. They have a stunning garden where you can have a memorable and enjoyable experience far from the city hustle. It’s really relaxing to be there and enjoy your dinner at one of the transparent tents. You can go there at any season, either with your date or friends. Even if you’re with kids, they have a Kids Zone area and will entertain your child while you have a nice evening.

The staff is really friendly and the service is quite nice. They do offer a rich menu, but the most important thing here is the fresh air as that’s probably why you prefer open-air cafes 😉. Check out their website to familiarize yourself with the menu, make a reservation and see some pictures of the cafe.

Keerk & Co

If you want to sit outside and have an esthetic working environment, you can’t go wrong by visiting Keerk & Co. This place is an open-air cafe and a bookshop where it’s pleasant to be. Besides the open air space, they also have got a really nice minimalistic inside area. Here, you can organize some of your business meetings, lunchtime and even have book discussions with friends around a cup of coffee. And, by the way, if you order lunch from 12 pm to 3 pm you will get the coffee for free. Isn’t it nice?

Also, if you want more cafes offering delicious lunch options in Yerevan, check out my list at the link. Anyways, I really recommend Keerk & Co also because of the diverse menu and the overall vibe of that place. All you need to do is order your coffee, read a book, relax and work while being outside enjoying the sun. 

Flagman cafe

Flagman is the open-air cafe that makes me return to this place every time I’m in Yerevan. I absolutely love it there, and especially their Profiteroles, and their coffee Glace. The place is almost entirely open air, they cook very well, and their whole menu is full of images of the food which is great for travelers or people like me who don’t read very well in Armenian. 🙂 You can have a look at their Facebook or Instagram pages and see what they offer. I’m afraid you might want to go back to try the rest of their menu items.

Abovyan 12

If you love trying local cuisines wherever you go for travel, Abovyan 12 can be the open-air cafe of your choice. It’s located in the city center and has a very authentic atmosphere. Here you can try our local Armenian cuisine with freshly cooked ingredients. Besides the open-air cafe space, they have the Dalan art gallery where you can get acquainted with the artworks of Armenian contemporary artists. It’s the best place for someone who wants to explore our culture but doesn’t have much time.

There is also the Dalan souvenir shop located in the cafe area where you’ll find lots of cultural and handmade products. So, I guess you now know that during the wait time before your order arrives, you’ve got locations to explore. Check out their website for more info about the place and its offerings.

Final thoughts on open-air cafes in Yerevan

After giving a try to some of these open-air cafe options in Yerevan you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Why? Because it’s both delicious and diverse so you’ll find something that you like even if you’re picky. Anyway, I hope you’ll be satisfied with my selection of these cafes. And if by any chance you’re a vegetarian I suggest you have a look at these 6 cafes and restaurants that offer delicious options for you. And, If you’re a vegan check out these 4 must-visit restaurants in Yerevan.

As usual, I want to hear some feedback from you about those open-air spots in town. You can share your thoughts with me on Instagram or Twitter with #ArmeniaTravelTips. I’ll genuinely look forward to reading all of it.

Featured image credit: Helena Lopes on Pexels

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