6 activities you can do in Yerevan that will ensure a fun night

What to do in Yerevan at night

Yerevan is full of fun activities and entertainment options, especially for those who are open to making new memories. For this reason, I separated a list of things you can do in Yerevan starting from evening to night. I am sure you will have a really good time and even make some Armenian friends on your way. Let’s just jump to discussing what to do in Yerevan at night one by one.

Hers are 6 things to do in Yerevan at night:

  • Watch the sunset from Cascade
  • See a show at the Yerevan Opera Theater
  • Grab some wine on Saryan street
  • Visit Yerevan Park
  • Walk to Republic square and enjoy the singing fountains
  • Enjoy live music performances of Armenian singers

While organizing your fun time in Yerevan at night, don’t forget about me who suggested you this list! I will be looking forward for you to share your opinions about those activities with me on Instagram or Twitter with #ArmeniaTravelTips. So, let’s connect on socials as well!

Watch the sunset from Cascade

This one is probably my personal favorite. That’s why I start the list with this one. No doubt that you can enjoy the most breathtaking view of the city by climbing the Cascade stairway. Especially, if you’re looking for things you can do in Yerevan at night, then be sure that watching the sunset from upstairs will be one of the things you won’t regret spending time on.

Besides enjoying the view and the atmosphere in Yerevan city center, you can organize a chill evening at any of the nearby cafes as there are plenty of them. While from the outside the Cascade stairs at night offer a different angle for appreciating Yerevan’s architecture, inside the structure there is an impressive art gallery that is open till late in the evening. By the way, this is also a great place for taking someone for a date – if you check out one of these Armenian dating apps and get lucky to score a date, keep this in mind.

See a show at the Yerevan Opera Theater

Speaking of art, I believe the Yerevan Opera Theatre is one of the places everyone should visit to enjoy some opera and classical music performances. This will surely relax your mind after a stressful day and will also make you feel closer to Armenia’s culture. You will be impressed by the atmosphere that exists in the Opera House and the prominent shows performed by well-known Armenian artists. If you want to get online tickets for any of the available performances you can visit Tomsarkgh.am.

The building of the Opera House itself is worth seeing too. So, even if you’re not interested in watching any art performance, visiting our Opera House is definitely something you should consider doing at night in Yerevan. Besides, the atmosphere around it is extremely vibrant in the evening. So, this is also a great location for simple “people watching”. 

Grab some wine on Saryan street

Saryan street is very famous for having all the good cafes and wine bars available in Yerevan. Visiting any of the local restaurants and drinking some Armenian wine with your friends would surely cheer you up and ensure a fun Yerevanian night. And, don’t forget about the fact that the Yerevan Wine Days festival is organized every year on this street. Surely, there is a reason for it. 😉 If you want to know more about the fest, read at the link.

The diversity in those cafes located on Saryan street gives you plenty of options to organize your night out and sometimes it can get hard. But keep in mind that they are all good and have good service so you probably won’t be disappointed. Also, if you’re interested in the nightlife cost in Yerevan you can check out my separate post on that as well.

Visit Yerevan Park

If you’re a fan of Disneyland then you have to visit Yerevan Park. It’s especially great when you visit the “Armenian Disneyland” with your friends and more towards the nighttime. The lighting gets beautiful and using the amusement park attractions becomes more fun.

I believe going to Yerevan Park will be one of the best things to do in Yerevan at night. As now you’re probably excited to get your tickets I leave their website link here for you to check out.

Walk to Republic square and enjoy the singing fountains

Taking a walk in Yerevan at night is an absolute reason for excitement, especially for me. You will see the youth on the streets during the night and part of the reason for it is that Armenia is a very safe country. Strolling around Republic square and listening to the singing fountains is a true relaxing process. Yerevan really becomes more beautiful at night when the city lights turn on.

The view of the signing fountains at night is pretty picturesque from any angle, but my personal favorite is that from high above. So, in my post about the best views in Yerevan, I singled out a couple of venues (sort of sky bars) from where the view of the singing fountains is the best.

Enjoy live music performances of Armenian singers

Last but not least, I would suggest you spend at least one of your nights in Yerevan listening to some live music performances of Armenian singers. Sometimes they present their work in musical bands and I think it’s really good to be engaged in supporting their music. You can visit them at some bars and clubs, have a drink and dance to their music.

Here are some of the popular venues where you can enjoy the music of great small local bands:

Final thoughts on what to do in Yerevan at night

Well, as you’ve learned there are plenty of fun things to do in Yerevan at night. It’s just up to you to pick from. In fact, you can manage to do it all if you’re here for at least a couple of days. Most of these activities are in Kentron, Yerevan’s coolest neighborhood, so it’s easy for you to navigate. Anyway, ping me on Instagram or Twitter with #ArmeniaTravelTips if you need more ideas for your night in Yerevan.

Featured image credit: Davit Farmanyan on Wikimedia Commons

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