Yerevan Brandy Company: the Legendary Symbol of Armenia

Ararat Brandy

Yerevan brandy company was founded long ago, back in 1887 in the territory of Erivan fortress in Yerevan. Next to the site there is the Victory (Arm.: “Haghtanak”) bridge over a beautiful deep gorge where Hrazdan river flows. The factory started small and then was divided into two separate factories – Yerevan brandy company and Yerevan ArArAt brandy company.

Many people have heard about ArArAt brandy and got to know the factory due to this special cognac the company makes. This particular one became the world-known product of the brand also turning into a symbol of Armenia. 

ArArAt – the legendary brandy

ArArAt brandy is made in a traditional way from exclusively locally sourced white grapes predominantly grown in the mountain region of Tavush (Noth-Eastern side of Armenia). There is a huge national park in the region that covers most of it: Dilijan National Park (a must-visit!). The park has wonderful waterfalls, hiking trails, mountain biking and many other great recreation activities. I have a dedicated post on it, in case you want to know what you can do in Dilijan National park. This province is full of dense and humid forests and has unimaginably clean air. The great climate, fresh air, and the abundance of sunlight in this region are exactly what makes ArArAt so special, fresh-tasting and delicious. 

Luckily, ArArAt brandy company has a friendly and informative website where all the info about their history, production and collections are gathered together in 6 languages. It’s also possible to book a tour in ArArAt brandy museum on the website. Degustation tours give you a great chance to discover your favorite ArArAt flavor so you can get yourself a bottle from the museum shop.

The new ArArAt design

ArArAt legendary Armenian brandy has long kept its familiar and not less legendary design of smooth and sleek bottles until recently. The company decided to redesign the brand and present themselves under a totally different light. With new labels, gift packages and contemporary bottle design ArArAt now feels more modern, fancier and shows that it’s open to change.

The brandy celebrated its redesign and presented it in the “Under One Sky” movie. By this new artistic form, the brand illustrates its genuineness and eternal values that continue to inspire.

“Under One Sky” is the collaboration of the brand with filmmaker Alexader Hant, who despite his young age has already won significant international awards such us “Nika” and prize at KVIFF (Karlovy Vary International Film Festival). The partnership became possible mostly because of mutually shared values.

Under one Sky movie poster, Source:

“Under One Sky” is the first big project of ArArAt after its redesign. Though ArArAt changed its look, the brand’s philosophy and values remain the same. True love for the work, mastery, respect of the traditions and, most importantly, the irreplaceability of the sincere human connections… All the ArArAt values are unique and universal at the same time.

Two new brandy flavors – Coffee & Apricot

Where to buy ArArat Brandy?

First, logically you can buy it in the factory shop or the museum shop, if you visit it. In Armenia you will be able to find most varieties of these brandies basically at every supermarket. Ararat Brandy Company is actively exporting its products worldwide, but it may take long for these new flavors to appear widely in some places. As of April 2021 Apricot ArArAt brandy is still unavailable in LA, USA, so most travelers buy several bottles and take with them.

ArArAt brandy has become a special symbol of Armenia and it’s also among the most popular products people buy to take abroad as gifts, souvenirs or a great memory of their trip to Armenia. I’ve earlier writen about some other popular things to buy in Armenia. Make sure to check that out! And if you want to take alcoholic beverages with you, you’ll need to check beforehand if there are any limits of bottles or liters of alcohol you can import into your country.

Still not sure if you should visit Yerevan Brandy Company?

This factory has always been a source of great pride for local Armenians. And most will say that you should absolutely visit it, though I’m sure just some small percentage of locals have ever been on tour in the factory. And if you’re not into museums and history and have other alcohol preferences, my main advice will be – take a chance and try the Apricot ArArAt brandy. Believe me, it’s nowhere near the regular brandy you might know about. It’s a sweeter, flavorful drink resembling something stronger than wine and more flavorful than apricot juice. That has a great potential become your best degustation experience. And you will just fall in love with apricot brandy just like I did.

I’d really love to hear about your degustation experience and feedback on Ararat Brandy Company products! Share thoughts and ideas with me on Instagram or Twitter, with #ArmeniaTravelTips.

Featured image credits: Veni Markovski on Wikimedia (CC)

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