Best Armenian dating app: I tried them all so you don’t have to

Armenian dating apps

There are several Armenian dating apps that you can choose from, whether you are seeking long-term relationships or aiming for more casual dating. Whether you are visiting Armenia and you’re looking to have some time with locals, or you’re a diaspora Armenian and you want to date within your own culture, the topic of dating apps is going to touch you at some point. So, in this post, I’ll give you a quick overview of the best Armenian dating apps, and provide you with insights on the top three that I think you should try.

I hope you’ll find these dating apps useful and meet someone you like. In case you end up having a love story (or just some fun 😉 ), let me know on Twitter or Instagram with #ArmeniaTravelTips.

Now, what are the best Armenian dating apps?

There are 6 dating apps available for those who are looking to date Armenians – Barev, Armroom, Jan, Kuku, Kyanq and Armenian Passion. In comparison to others, Barev, Armroom, and Jan offer the best user experience, features and options. Barev app has the biggest user base.

It is worth mentioning that all the regular dating apps you know from your home country – such as Tinder, Bumble, Badoo and others, are also perfectly operational in Armenia. The user base for more progressive apps like Bumble might be a bit lower in Armenia. But we all know that when it comes to dating, it’s more about the quality of your contacts and not so much about the quantity, right? 😉

My LGBTQ+ readers will appreciate that unlike some other countries of the region, Armenia doesn’t block access to any dating apps on its territory. In fact, Freedom House rates Armenia as a free country based on the Internet Freedom Index. So, apps like Grindr, Scruff, Hinge, Fem, HER and other niche dating apps also work in Armenia just fine.

Armenian dating apps compared

Now, with global apps out of the way, let’s focus on the review of dating apps that are designed for dating Armenians, shall we? First, let’s get to the facts and compare all 6 of the Armenian dating apps, and then I’ll focus on the three that I think are the best fit for most of my readers.

Language availability, user base and ratings

Note that all of these Armenian dating apps are available both on Google Play for Android phones and on App Store for iPhones. But let’s have a look at which languages these apps support and how well they fare on the respective app stores.

AppLanguagesDownloads on Google PlayRating on Google Play / App Store
BarevEnglish, Armenian, French, Russian100K+3.8 / 4.3
armroomEnglish5K+2.9 / 2.8
JanEnglish, Armenian, Russian10K+3.5 / 4.3
KukuEnglish, Armenian, Russian50K+3.1 / 4.6
KyankEnglish10K+2.9 / 4.3
Armenian PassionEnglish10K+3.1 / 2.6
Best Armenian dating apps: basics compared

Pros and Cons of different Armenian dating apps

I studied these apps extensively, including their user experience and different features. And here is an overview of the most notable aspects I thought I should point out in my comparison.

BarevLegit photosWaiting time for photo approval
armroomGeo-targeting tools, Interest groupsFake and low-quality profile photos
JanDetailed profile informationWaiting time for photo approval
KukuDetailed profile information, You can earn coins by watching ads plus you get bonusesRare updates on bug fixes and performance improvements, Fake and low-quality profile photos
KyankDesigned for different intentions: relationships only, friendships only, both

Prompts (answering interesting questions that will be shown on your profile)
Fake and low-quality profile photos
Armenian PassionAudio chat, Video chatNot user-friendly at all, Ads, Fake and low-quality profile photos
Pros and Cons of the best Armenian dating apps compared

Comparing paid memberships

Now, basic features are available for free on all of these apps. But we all know that sometimes on such apps you hit a wall – either you run out of swipes, or you start being spammed by someone who you want to block etc. So, I thought it’s worth checking what additional features their paid membership plans offer.

AppMembership PlanPricing
Barev– 35 requests per week
– Unlimited profile viewing
– People nearby section
– Age filter
– Search by Map
– Incognito mode
$29.40 per week

$4.08 per 24 hours to unlock extra features
armroom– Send messages
– Set remote locations
– Undo swipes
– Enable ghost mode (hiding your profile)
$9.99 per month$19.99 per 3 months

$29.99 per 6 months
Jan– Start conversations with your matches
– See who liked you
– Hide your profile
– Send direct messages
– Unlock unlimited likes
$4.90 per week

$12.25 per month

$29.94 per 3 months
Kuku– Ghost mode
– Travel mode (you can search for users anywhere in the world)
$3.99 per week

$15.99 per month

$38.99 per 3 months
KyankKyank Premium
– Get 3x the daily likes
– See who likes you and match instantly
– Know if your message was read
– Take another look at profiles that liked you

Kyank Elite
All premium perks +
+ See who has viewed your profile
+ Unlimited likes
+ Boosted profile
+ Priority placement
+ Know if your messages were seen
Kyanq Premium
$6.26 per week
$14.97 per month

Kyanq Elite
$27.22 per month
Armenian Passion– Meet new people in a real 3D environment
– Advanced match search options
– See who likes you
– See mutual likes
– See your profile visitors
– Browse profiles invisibly
– Message read recipients
– Kill ads
– Audio chat
– Video chat
$29.99 per month

$49.99 per 3 months

$89.99 per 6 months

$149.00 per year
Armenian dating apps: paid membership plans compared

Top 3 Armenian dating apps

Barev – for those who are looking for serious relationships 

The first app I recommend is Barev, especially if you are a Diaspora Armenian like myself. Barev aims to bond Armenians from all over the world. It is designed to help people develop serious relationships that will result in starting a family. Your Armenian mom would approve! 🙂 In fact, thousands of Armenian families have already been formed thanks to this dating app. 

Here are some of the primary reasons why I think Barev is a good choice:

  • Photos of people are high-quality and legit
  • Each profile is thoroughly reviewed at the registration stage
  • The app does not contain any ads, fake profiles, or scams

You can download the app from Google Play and App Store. The app has almost 10,000 reviews with an average rating of 3.7 on Google Play and 4.3 on App Store. The reason behind this score is that many users do not like the photos’ strict requirements list. Plus, these requirements hinder them from uploading fun photos that show off their individuality.

Photo requirements

Some of the listed reasons for rejection are:

  • Screenshot
  • Erotic photos
  • Photos that include children
  • In dark glasses
  • Poorly visible face
  • Edited photos
  • Photos containing ads

Moreover, the waiting time for each photo to be approved or rejected ranges from 15 minutes to 9 hours, which sounds irritating.

I created a new account on Barev twice, and it took me a decent amount of time (30 min and 1 h 40 min) to get my photos approved. Also, I think people exaggerate the fact that getting a photo approved is complicated. As the mission of Barev is to help people build serious relationships, I think making sure you get to know actual people with their natural looks is a great plus. I successfully uploaded my photos twice, and both times they were ordinary selfies with good visibility and required no extra effort.

Pricing on Barev app

There is no paid registration or subscription fee; you only pay for the possibility of sending requests to message with someone. By paying $29.40 for a validity period of 7 days, you get:

  • 35 requests per week
  • Unlimited profile viewing
  • People nearby section
  • Age filter
  • Boost (allows users without a subscription to send you chat requests at your expense)
  • Search by Map
  • Incognito mode

For extra features like making your profile rise to the top in the profiles section, you pay $4.08 per 24 hours.

Armroom – another great Armenian dating app for those who travel

Armroom is another dating app I recommend for Armenian singles from different backgrounds and locations seeking to make meaningful connections. Most of its users are part of the Armenian Diaspora primarily from the USA, Canada, and Western Europe.

What’s really cool about this app is that you can choose a location where you want to meet Armenians without being in that location. So, it’s a great tool for those who want to mingle with people during their trips. Armroom allows you to virtually browse anywhere in the world and make acquaintances for your future trips.

Armroom was launched back in 2015 and it’s now available both on Google Play and App Store. The app provides you with the opportunity to: 

  • Get curated daily suggestions
  • See users you crossed with
  • Browse users by their interests 
  • Find a match and start chatting

What I love the most about this app is the opportunity to browse users by their interest categories which makes the process of meeting new people fun. Finding common interests with someone is a good start for building new relationships. Moreover, if you feel like adding a new interest that is missing from the list, Armroom welcomes you to create your own group, and other people are free to join your interest category.

Photo requirements

The photo requirements of this app are simple, unlike Barev. All you need are photos with:

  • High resolution
  • Clearly visible face
  • No group photos

I have even experimented with uploading a stock photo, and it worked. 🙂 So with this app, you won’t have any problems representing yourself the way you want; however, bear in mind that you are likely to come across fake and filtered profiles because of that.

Paid membership on Armroom 

To unlock features like sending messages, setting remote locations, undoing swipes, and enabling ghost mode (hiding your profile), you need a paid subscription. Prices are the following:

  • $9.99 per month
  • $19.99 per 3 months
  • $29.99 per 6 months

Jan – Armenian dating app with very detailed profiles

Last but not least is the Armenian dating app Jan. This app helps you find your Armenian soulmate with a narrowed-down search. It has a list of specific profile details that you are encouraged to fill in to ease your quest. This part is exactly what I love about this app. It includes interest-provoking profile details you won’t find in the other two above-mentioned apps, such as:

  • Height
  • Weight 
  • Education
  • Occupation
  • Smoking status 
  • Alcohol status
  • Sports you do 
  • Zodiac sign

My short kings and queens might not appreciate the fact that the app makes providing the height info mandatory, though! 🙂 So, keep that in mind when you’re considering this app. I personally think it’s silly, but I know many people make a big deal out of the height of their potential partner. So, I guess they’re just reacting to what the people actually want.

Photo requirements

Good news for all those who, like me, prefer to see real photos of people. The app has pretty strict photo requirements. Once you upload a photo it takes around half an hour to get the status update and most of the time the app doesn’t admit any stock or fake photos. Below is the list of requirements: 

  • No fakes
  • No blurry photos
  • No sunglasses
  • No group photos 
  • No extreme close-ups
  • No cropped face 
  • No frames around photos 
  • No text on the photos
  • No nudity

Pricing on Jan

The app is available both on Google Play and App Store. With premium subscription you can start conversations with your matches, see who liked you, hide your profile, send direct messages, and unlock unlimited likes. These are their prices:

  • $4.90 per week
  • $12.25 per month
  • $29.94 per 3 months

Wrapping up

That’s it! These were the best Armenian dating apps based on my own experience. I truly hope they will be of great use to you and that you will successfully connect with Armenian singles from different walks of life. By the way, I have informative insights in my blog on Armenian dating culture, which you might find very useful. And here are some tips for finding romantic locations in Armenia. And, as always, you are welcome to Tweet or instagram me your thoughts with #ArmeniaTravelTips if you want to share something with me on this topic. I’ll be looking forward to it! Meanwhile, I hope you have an enjoyable experience with the above-mentioned apps! Have fun!

Featured image credits: SHVETS production on Unsplash (edited)