Yerevan Card tourist pass: what are the benefits of getting one?

Yerevan Card tourist pass

If you plan on organizing an active trip in Armenia then you should definitely consider buying the Yerevan Card tourist pass. Why? The answer is simple. Because it will help you save some money. After finding out all the benefits you can have using the Yerevan Card, I think you will have a pretty good idea of why I always recommend getting it.

Yerevan Card gives you single-entry access (free or discounted) to different touristic locations. The places that are a part of the program include museums, local tours, entertainment venues, hotels, etc. Besides the e-Card, the package includes a guidebook, city map, SIM card with internet access, free transfer, tour coupon, and a badge. 

Personally, I find this card very convenient and useful for a traveler. So, let me tell you why Yerevan Card can make your trip easier, especially if you plan to have Yerevan as your base and travel around from Yerevan. And, if you find any of the benefits outlined below useful, let me know on Instagram or Twitter with #ArmeniaTravelTips.

All you need to know about the Yerevan card

To put it shortly, the Yerevan Card is the official city pass you can make use of if you’re traveling in Armenia. This means that you can get some privileges on certain services available in our country and enjoy your trip at discounted prices. Traveling on budget rules! Now, let’s see where you can use the Yerevan Card. The card offers discounts and freebies in the following categories:

  • Museums
  • Transport
  • Tours
  • Places of entertainment
  • Art galleries
  • Shops
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Nightlife
  • and some special offers

The full list of places that partner with Yerevan Card is available on their website. As you can see in the screenshot below, they are all organized into different categories for easier navigation. Some venues offer discounts to Yerevan Card holders, others are straight-up free to enter with this card.

Yerevan card - offer categories
Yerevan card – offer categories (source: screenshot from


These are some of the main benefits the Yerevan Card tourist pass offers to travelers who visit Armenia:

  • transfer from or to Zvartnots Airport
  • entry to more than 40 museums
  • guided tours in Yerevan
  • access to attractions
  • access to transportation (taxi and subway)
  • mobile SIM card with internet access
  • city map
  • guidebook in English, Russian and Armenian
  • 12-hour information service
  • mobile app (iOS, Android)

All of these are for FREE. You will also have big discounts in the shops, cafes, restaurants, places of entertainment, etc., and no-queue entrance to museums and galleries. Here is their website link to those benefits, they do update the list from time to time. So, if you want to see their latest offer, check that link.


There are 6 types of Yerevan Card options. They only differ in the period of time you can use the card. Also, as you can see the prices listed below are both for adults and kids respectively.

Yerevan Card tourist pass types and prices

Yerevan Card typePrice for adults (USD)Price for kids (USD)
24 hours (1 day)3530
48 hours (2 days)4536
72 hours (3 days)5240
120 hours (5 days)6044
168 hours (7 days)6747
Unlimited time (valid for 12 months)7252

After you purchase the Yerevan card tourist pass, you can activate it in the next 12 months. You can buy the Yerevan card tourist pass both online and offline and even have it delivered to you. On this link, you can find the ways of purchase, reservation, delivery, cancellation and refund policies.

And, in case you’re wondering how many days is enough to spend in Armenia, I recommend you to read my separate blog post. This will help you understand which Yerevan Card type you prefer for your trip.

How much will you save?

For example, let’s imagine a route where you include the venues from the Yerevan Card list and let’s see how much you can save with the card.

  1. You choose the 1-day pass. You can go to Matenadaran (3000 AMD or $7.5 w/o card), History Museum of Armenia (2000 AMD or $5), National Gallery (5000 AMD or $12.5), or Yerevan History Museum (3000 AMD or $7.5). You can also take a taxi (free ride with the coupon) to some place to eat your dinner (at a discounted price). Basically on that day, you can save around $30 or even more.
  1. You choose the 2 or 3 day pass. If you add one or two trips out of Yerevan for example to Zvartnots temple (1300 AMD or $3 entrance fee, 4000 AMD or $10 for a guided tour) and Garni temple (1500 AMD or $4 entrance fee, 4000 AMD or $10 for a guided tour) and include transportation costs, you can save up to $70.
  2. Let’s imagine you have the Unlimited card type. You can use this card within 12 months and you can save a lot, especially if you intend to stay in Armenia for more than a week. There is so much to explore, that the amount of savings is really endless.

Final thoughts on the Yerevan Card tourist pass

Now that you know everything you need you can hopefully make an informed decision about purchasing the Yerevan Card for your trip. This really seems to be a good idea and it saves you lots of money and time if you plan on exploring Armenia’s culture. Another great way to see some tourist and central locations is taking a sightseeing bus tour in Yerevan. Click on the link and get more detailed information on Yerevan’s hop on hop off bus.

If you have any questions regarding Yerevan Card you can also ask me on Instagram or Twitter with #ArmeniaTravelTips. I used this card while I was in Yerevan, so I might be able to answer a question or two from personal experience.

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