Top 10 Armenian TikTokers

Top Armenian TikTokers

Looking for some new and engaging TikTok content to watch? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, I’ll introduce you to the top 10 Armenian TikTokers who are putting out some of the most unique and entertaining content on the platform. 

Whether you’re in the mood for comedic skits, informative tutorials, mesmerizing dance routines or something else entirely, these creators are sure to have something that will pique your interest. So, if you’re ready to discover new and exciting TikTok content, keep reading! And if you find my writing useful, let me know on Instagram or Twitter, with #ArmeniaTravelTips.

These are my top Armenian TikTokers:

  • Arman Greyan – 300K
  • Arkadi Ambarcumyan – 271K
  • Vika Martirosyan – 258K
  • Aram Gharibyan – 237K
  • Evelina Khanoyan – 236K 
  • Mane Enoqyan – 232K
  • Mil Sahakian – 210K
  • Ovsan Khachatryan – 197K
  • Dav Sharian – 194K
  • Shushan Stepanian – 102K

Arman Greyan

Let’s talk about Arman Greyan, the talented artist who is making waves on TikTok (300K followers) with his captivating art! Arman’s content is truly diverse, consisting of three main categories that keep his followers hooked. First, he transforms Colonel Sanders on KFC’s buckets into different characters, adding his own creative twist. 

Second, he sketches strangers based on his followers’ requests, capturing from waiters, bank employees, and cashiers to random folks at bus stops. As for his recent series, you’d gotta see it cause I don’t have the words to describe how cool this is! I’m so thrilled to see Arman filling TikTok with such unique and high-quality content! You can also see his art posted on his Instagram account.

Arman Greyan
Arman Greyan. Source: @greyanart on IG

Arkadi Ambarcumyan

If you’re looking for some good laughs, you’ve got to check out Arkadi Ambarcumyan’s TikTok with 271K followers! He loves to create situational videos that are just too funny, and his impersonations of women while wearing colorful wigs is something else. One of his most popular video series is where he acts out everyday mother and son/daughter situations that many Armenians can relate to. 🙂

It’s no wonder that he’s got such a huge following in Armenia and beyond also on Instagram! And what’s really cool is that he adds Russian subtitles to his videos so that the Armenian diaspora of Russia can join in on the fun. Oh, and did I mention that he’s also a professional actor? 

Arkadi Ambarcumyan
Arkadi Ambarcumyan. Source: @arkadiambarcumyan on IG

Vika Martirosyan

Vika Martirosyan is a well-known Armenian choreographer and dancer, renowned for her work with various celebrities. She frequently shares TikTok challenges, backstage glimpses, and other aspects of her career with her 258K followers. 

She has a fashionable style and always adheres to the latest TikTok trends. Vika is also highly active on Instagram, where she shares snippets of her professional and personal life. Her engaging and entertaining content has earned her a significant following on both platforms.

Vika Martirosyan
Vika Martirosyan. Source: @amarasvika on IG

Aram Gharibyan

Introducing Aram Gharibyan, the TikTok magician and avid playing cards collector with 237K followers who captivates followers with his entertaining content! Aram’s recent focus has shifted towards sharing his travel adventures and humorous “when” situations, like explaining your way home to a driver when you’re drunk, accompanied by funny montaged pieces from shows, cartoons, etc. 

In addition to being a “magician” both on TikTok and Instagram 🙂, Aram also runs a separate aram_math account where he showcases his passion for mathematics and shares tips and tricks on solving math problems. 

Aram Gharibyan performing
Aram Gharibyan performing. Source: @aram_magician on IG

Evelina Khanoyan

Meet Evelina Khanoyan, a doctor that loves TikTok. She currently has 236K followers and the numbers keep growing. She has fallen head over heels for all things cute and fluffy! 🙂 On her TikTok and Instagram accounts, Evelina shares her love for different topics, ranging from interesting facts about her life in Germany, and SMM tips to makeup tutorials, and scrumptious cooking videos. 

Evelina often collaborates with fellow doctors and health centers. She adores tiny yellow chicks, affectionately calls them “pupsiki,” 🙂 and has even launched her own brand Team Pupsiki, featuring adorable merch. Evelina also offers “Your TikTok Guide” courses for those eager to learn. Join her in spreading cuteness and knowledge!

Evelina Khanoyan - Pupsiki merch
Evelina Khanoyan showcasing her Pupsiki merch. Source: @evelinakhanoyan on IG

Mane Enoqyan 

Meet Mane Enoqyan, the queen of spreading positive vibes on TikTok! Currently she has 232K followers. Mane’s content is all about being playful and embracing her inner child, as she follows funny trends and often features her adorable child as a partner in crime. 🙂

She also has a decent following on Instagram, where she shares her love for trying out new hairstyles and collaborates with beauty salons. Mane’s friendly and upbeat personality shines through in her videos, and her joyous content is sure to bring a smile to your face! 

Mane Yenokyan
Mane Enoqyan. Source: @man______go on IG

Mil Sahakian

You’ve got to check out Mil Sahakian on TikTok! As a dancer at the popular Amaras dance studio, Mil knows how to keep her audience of 210K followers engaged with trending songs and TikTok dances. But that’s not all – she’s also a talented DJ (DJ Mill) with decent following on Instagram as well.

On DJ Mill’s account, she shares cool photos, snippets from her performances, and upcoming event information. Her content is always upbeat and entertaining, and you won’t want to miss her incredible dance moves!

Mil Sahakian
Mil Sahakian. Source: @milsahakian_ on IG

Ovsan Khachatryan

Ovsan Khachatryan is a social media influencer with 197K followers on TikTok who shares top-notch videos on a variety of lifestyle topics that will keep you entertained and informed. You can see everything related to her lifestyle from skincare, fashionable outfits to quick recipes for cakes, sandwiches, pasta, and more. 

What’s even better is that she often shoots videos with her partner, who is a professional photographer by the way. Plus, their adorable doggy is a perfect addition to their charming family dynamic. She also has over 115k followers on Instagram – this girl knows how to share her knowledge and creativity with her audience! 

Ovsan Khachatryan
Ovsan Khachatryan. Source: @ovs_yan on IG

Dav Sharian

Dav Sharian, a unique TikToker with 194K followers who is not your typical content creator. As a VFX artist, Dav shares his incredible work on TikTok, which serves as a professional portfolio. From mind-bending visual effects to stunning photo manipulations, Dav’s creations are truly awe-inspiring. 

He even shares behind-the-scenes looks at his creative process, showcasing just how time-consuming it is to achieve such high-quality results. Make sure to follow Dav on Instagram to see more of his amazing work. You don’t want to miss it!

Dav Sharian
Dav Sharian. Source: @davsharian on IG

Shushan Stepanian

Shushan Stepanian is a TikTok (102K followers) and Instagram (68K followers) influencer whose content revolves around friends, fun activities, travel, and fashion. She has a unique style that shines through in all of her posts, and her content is anything but ordinary. Side note, if doing fun stuff while visiting my homeland is something you’re interested in, check out my post on fun things to do in Yerevan.

One of the things that sets her apart from other influencers is that she provides original content, such as giving her followers a sneak peek into the life of stewardesses in Armenia. It’s clear that she puts a lot of effort and energy into her content, which is refreshing in a world where low-quality basic content is pretty common.

Shushan Stepanian
Shushan Stepanian. Source: @shushanstepanian on IG

Wrapping up

To sum up, these Armenian TikTokers are putting out some of the most entertaining and creative content on the platform. However, this is just the beginning – there are many other talented Armenian TikTokers out there worth discovering. Share your favorites by writing a tweet or posting on Instagram using the hashtag #ArmeniaTravelTips. Also, you might want to check out my list of top Armenian women celebrities. Have fun!

Featured image credit: Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash (edited)

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