Horse riding in Yerevan

Horse riding in Yerevan

If your visit to Armenia is a part of your attempt to break away from your urban routine, horse riding in Yerevan can be a great adventure for you. Whether you are a horse riding enthusiast, nature lover, or simply need to take a break from your office work, you will have an unforgettable experience by saddling up in one of the hippodromes in Yerevan. That will leave you with cherished memories and a newfound appreciation for diverse ways of having fun in Armenia.

There are 2 horse riding hippodromes in Yerevan and 4 more in its vicinity. Since the city is not big, it’s very easy to get to any of them. Here is a list of hippodromes in Yerevan and nearby areas.

  • Equestrian Sport Center after Hovik Hayrapetyan
  • Payte Dzi Hippotherapy
  • “Ayrudzi” horse riding club
  • “Mirage” horse riding club
  • Nairi Equestrian Club
  • “Mankus” Eco Park

Let’s see what they offer. And if this post helps you choose one of them and you end up checking them out, take some pictures and share them with me on Twitter or Instagram with #ArmeniaTravelTips.

How much does horse riding cost in Yerevan?

The cost of horse riding in and near Yerevan depends on the facility, the duration of the ride, and the level of instruction provided by the on-site team. On average you can expect at least AMD 2000 (USD 5) per 10 minutes. However, some facilities have a minimum required time of 20 minutes or more. The cost is also different for children and adults. Some facilities offer training which costs about AMD 16000  to 20000 per hour. Photo sessions cost about 30000 AMD.

If you are on a budget but still want to experience horse riding in Yerevan, consider shorter rides, weekday discounts, or joining group sessions that some riding establishments offer. Additionally, booking in advance or as part of a group can sometimes result in cost savings. Below I list the hippodromes in and around Yerevan, I provide their contact details as well. So, I recommend that you connect with them beforehand to check if they have any current discount options.

Horse riding competition. Source: @hh.dziarshavaran on IG

What is the best time of the year to go horse-riding in Yerevan?

Spring and fall are milder and therefore it’s best to go at that time. But, in each season, consider the following:

Spring: This is the best time for horseback riding in Yerevan as the weather is pretty warm and pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 150C to 250C (590F to 770F). Nature is waking up and it is ideal for exploring the country’s natural beauty, so don’t miss an opportunity to join a horseback riding tour outside of Yerevan at this time of the year.

Summer: It’s really hot with temperatures reaching up to 400C (1040F) in August. There are also more people around at this time of the year, especially tourists. You can expect hippodromes to be busier than usual at this time of the year, so try to book your time slot well in advance.

Autumn: After summer hot weather, it’s really nice to enjoy milder weather with temperatures ranging from 150C to 200C (590F to 680F). Sometimes it may be warmer but it will not reach 40 degrees like in August. This is an excellent time for horse riding in outdoor hippodromes, or outside of Yerevan.

Winter: Since it is cold, fewer people go horse riding but the hippodromes still work, as they have indoor facilities, and if you decide to go for this adventure, this is quite a possibility.

Competition winner David Khachatryan. Source: @hh.dziarshavaran on IG

Horse-riding hippodromes in and near Yerevan

Equestrian Sport Center after Hovik Hayrapetyan

Equestrian sports marked their institutional inception back in 1953. And today the Equestrian Sports Center after Hovik Hayrapetyan, opened about 20 years ago, is the largest equestrian center and hippodrome in Armenia. Currently, it is run by the Armenian Equestrian Federation which has strong ties with the International Federation of Equestrian Sport.

This hippodrome is located right in Yerevan’s Shengavit district, and it occupies an area of about 85 hectares. To get to this hippodrome, go to Metro Station Garegin Njdeh, and catch bus number 15 from the nearest bus stop. It will take you right to the hippodrome in about 10 minutes. Check my post about Yerevan metro if you need to learn more about how it operates.

Address: 39 Shirak Str., Yerevan

Phone: (+374) 43 465 000

Instagram: Hovik Hayrapetyan Equestrian Centre


  • 8 000 AMD/half hour
  • 6 000 AMD for children/20 minutes
Spring photoshoot. Source: @hh.dziarshavaran on IG

Payte Dzi Hippotherapy

This horse-riding hippodrome is for kids aged 3 to 14. Originally it was designed for children with limited mobility and provided horse therapy for such children. However, over time they decided that other kids could also attend and they opened up for more visitors. Children here are invited to take care of horses, feed them, and ride horses under the supervision of professional coaches. Each group consists of 2 children under the supervision of 2 coaches.

This is an awesome option for those of you who travel with kids. if you want to let them experience something new and exciting. To get there, take bus number 33.

Address: Nor Kharberd

Phone: (+374) 55 78 44 60

Instagram: Payte Dzi (Wooden Horse)


  • 5 000 AMD / half hour (includes feeding, caring, and horse riding)
  • 16 000 AMD for 4 sessions package
Horse therapy. Source: @payte_dzi on IG

 “Ayrudzi” horse riding club

The club offers horse riding classes, photoshoots, horses for sale, and summer camp. Here you can ride and feed the horses, and even take part in the animal saddling process. While it is not right in Yerevan it’s very close and is easily accessible by car/taxi. It is located near the town of Ashtarak, about 21 km from Yerevan. 

If you don’t want to take a taxi, even though they’re very affordable in Armenia (check out my post on Armenian taxi apps), you can take a minibus from one of Yerevan’s bus stations to Ashtarak. Get off in Ashtarak and walk to the horse riding club. See the location below.

Address: 3 Mushegh Bagratuni str., Ashtarak (see the physical location on the map, the address isn’t aligned correctly on it)

Phone: (+374)  93 42 45 70

Instagram: Ayrudzi riding club

Price: 2000 AMD/10 minutes.

Feeding the horse. Source: @ayrudzi_riding_club on IG

“Mirage” horse riding club

“Mirage” horse riding club is a stadium, arena, and sports venue. It is located in Sipanik, Ararat region. You can get to this place in 50 minutes from Yerevan city center using public transport. If you want to learn horse riding, it’s quite possible in the club as coaches offer professional and amateur training. It is also possible to do photo sessions here.

The best way to get there is to catch a taxi. It won’t cost you more than 4000-5000AMD to the horse riding club and it only takes about 20 minutes to get there. You can arrange with the same taxi driver to pick you up in several hours.

Address: 10th Street, Sipanik, Ararat

Phone: (+374) 93 06 41 07

Instagram: Mirage Equestrian Centre


  • 10 000 AMD / 1 hour in fields
  • 3 000 AMD / 10 minutes (for children)
Riding photoshoot. Source: @mirage_equestrian_club on IG

Nairi Equestrian Club

Nairi Equestrian Club is one of the most well-equipped and modern equestrian clubs you can find in Armenia. It is located in Kotayk region which is the closest region to Yerevan. Specifically, you need to get to Dzoraghbyur village, if you want to do horse riding here.

The club is open every day from 10:00 to 20:00 except Mondays. The easiest way to get there is just to get a taxi ride from Yerevan. The ride from the city center takes only about 25 minutes, and it’s totally worth it. There has been a significant investment made into this facility, and I recommend checking it out.

Address: Lchapi St. 14, Dzoraghbyur village, Kotayk, Armenia (see the physical location on the map)

Phone: (+374) 222 50 188

Instagram: Nairi Equestrian Club


  • 5 000  AMD / 10 minutes
  • 12 000 AMD / 30 minutes
Photoshoot. Source: @nairiequestrian on IG

“Mankus” Eco Club

This one stands out for me, because unlike many others they actually have a pretty decent website that you can study before visiting them. “Mankus” eco club is also located in Dzoraghbyur village, some 25 minutes away from Yerevan if you take a taxi or drive. They also have a pretty nice restaurant on their premises, and people often come here for nice photoshoots with horses. It’s also a popular venue for events like birthday parties and weddings.

Well-trained horses are available so both experienced riders and beginners can visit. Instructors are available to teach the basics of horse riding. Altogether, it’s a great place for horse riding near Yerevan, although it’s relatively pricier than others.

Address: Lusavorutian Street 17, Dzoraghbyur village, Kotayk, Armenia

Phone: (+374) 333 122 20

Instagram: Mankus Eco Park


  • 4 000 AMD / 15 minutes (adults)
  • 3 000 AMD / 15 minutes (children)
  • Ride around the park – 6 000 AMD to 8 000 AMD / 30 minutes
  • Ride in the forest – 9 000 AMD to 10 000 AMD / 1 hour
Photoshoot example. Source: @mankus_eco_park on IG

Wrapping up

Take into account that these were hippodromes in or near Yerevan. For those who prefer a guided horse riding experience, there are tour operators in and around Yerevan that offer horseback riding excursions to scenic locations. The prices are a bit high but it’s worth the deal. In this blog post, I focused on hippodromes in or near Yerevan to help some of you find an affordable option for experiencing horse riding while visiting our capital city. I hope this overview helps you plan your adventures in Yerevan better. So, saddle up and embark on a memorable equestrian adventure in the heart of Armenia. And don’t forget to share your experiences with me on Twitter or Instagram with #ArmeniaTravelTips.

Featured image credit: Photo by Marcin Konsek on Wikimedia Commons (edited)

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