The best views in Yerevan. My top 5 spots you shouldn’t miss.

The best views in Yerevan - the view from the Tumanyan park

If you want to know where to enjoy the best views in Yerevan, this post is just the right thing for you! Yerevan is a very beautiful city, with several interesting places and beautiful views. Each year many photographers from different parts of the world come here to take pictures of different beautiful spots in Yerevan. So if you want to discover some amazing views for yourself, follow my recommendations in this post.

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So, here are my favorit 5 spots for enjoying the best views in Yerevan:

  1. Cascade stairs – the best place to appreciate the architectural genius of Yerevan
  2. Victory park – the highest point for the view of the entire capital
  3. Erebuni fortress – an alternative angle to enjoy the view of Yerevan
  4. Tumanyan park and its views of the city center
  5. Republic square and its dancing fountains

The stairs of Cascade offer a stunning view

The Cascade stairs undoubtedly offer one of the best views in Yerevan, if not the best one. It’s not a surprise that this is the most visited sight of our capital city. The complex is located in 10, Tamanyan Street and can be easily reached from anywhere in the Armenian capital. Although you can come here anytime, I strongly recommend you visiting it shortly before the sunset, because during that time of the day the views are the best.

Cascade, which is also known as “thousand stairs” by visitors, in reality has only 572 steps. But it can be a real challenge to get up there, because it is quite steep. You can reach the top of the Cascade monument by foot or by using the escalators inside the complex. One more reason to opt for the escalators is the fact that there is an art gallery located under the stairs. So, while taking your journey up to the top of the Cascade complex, you can enjoy the view of beautiful art pieces.

The construction of this monument started in 1971 and (sort of) completed in 1980. The second stage of construction lasted until 2009. In present days the whole complex is almost ready, with only the top part, intended to connect the Cascade with the Memorial of the 50th anniversary, currently being in development.

A beautiful, absolutely stunning view of Yerevan opens up if you get to the top of the Cascade, with Mount Ararat (currently located in Turkey) visible in the distance. You can easily distinguish The Opera House and other significant buildings from here. There is also an open-air restaurant at the top of the Cascade complex, where you can have a coffee and enjoy this epic view of the city. The place is called Cascade Royal, but it’s quite pricy for the quality of food they offer. So, I recommend it for coffee and desserts only.

You will not forgive yourself if you miss this opportunity to see the view of the whole Yerevan from that spot. So, skip any heavy meal you planned for the day and go conquer the steps of the Cascade.

Another great view of Yerevan opens from the Victory Park

If you want to get even higher and see the view of Yerevan from really high above, don’t go too far. Remaining in the same district, you can find another panoramic view over the city. Welcome to the Victory Park! The Victory Park, or as the locals call it “Haghtanak Zbosaygi”, is located at the top of the Cascade, to the east of the Memorial of the 50th anniversary.

It has numerous parkways and alleys dedicated to war heroes. Moreover, there are cafes, restaurants and even a beautiful lake in the center of the park. One of the most famous statues of Yerevan is located in this area – the Mother Armenia statue. It is a sculpture of an Armenian woman, protecting the land with a sword in her hands. This statue replaced the original statue of Stalin after his death. You can see this impressive monument from almost everywhere in Yerevan, because it is really high above the city.

The fantastic panorama view of Yerevan will amaze you from this spot, because from here you can see the whole downtown in front of your eyes.

Vitit Erebuni fortress for an unusual view of Yerevan

Erebuni fortress is located in the Erebuni district, in the southeast of Yerevan. The view from the fortress shows parts of the city that are typically not much visited by travelers. The absence of tourists is really one fo the best parts about this place. As a result of that, it’s a great choice for those who are looking to explore off the beaten track. You can find a pretty unique view of Yerevan from here, because the fortress is located 1,017 meters above the sea level.

Historians are convinced that the name of Yerevan is derived from Erebuni. The Urartian city of Erebuni was founded in 782 BC, under the rule of Urartian King Argisht I. It was built on the top of a hill called Arin berd. Modern Armenians didn’t know about the fortress until the first half of the 20th century. It was discovered In 1950s during the constructions of Arin Berd monument. Since then a popular Armenian song was created that tells the story of Erebuni turning into Yerevan. Many famous Armenian singers sang it since then, but I like this “modernized” version of it by Emmy and Essaï. Check it out!

Turn this song on when you’re enjoying one of the best views in Yerevan, from Erebuni fortress.

Here you can also find a beautiful museum of Erebuni ruins. Archeologists have found jars, bronze bracelets, weapons and also many other interesting ancient items like pitches used for storing wine under the ground. Above the central entrance of the museum, there’s a large bas-relief with the image of the Urartian King-Argisht I. The museum is well worth visiting if you’re a fan of history. The journey to Erebuni fortress will not take you more than 20 minutes by car from Yerevan city center. So, don’t miss it! Check out my post about taxi apps in Yerevan to make your journey hassle-free.

Tumanyan Park offers a unique view of the Yerevan city center

Tumanyan Park is located in the Ajapnyak district of Yerevan, you can find it in 13, Halabyan street. This park is named after a beloved Armenian poet, Hovhannes Tumanyan, and it was opened on the 100th anniversary of his birth. The park itself is a nice place for long walks and some relaxing time, but the view it offers is the main reason why I included it in my list of spots for the best views in Yerevan.

One of the most important bridges of Yerevan runs just above the park. Kievyan bridge is a beautiful arch bridge. While you’re in Tumanyan park, come closer to the bridge and enjoy the view from there. You will see the Aygedzor city district there and the modern Yerevan city center behind it, just look through the arch of the bridge.

On the side, you can also find a beautiful view of Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex, or as locals call it Hamalir. It’s a popular venue for contemporary concerts and different EXPOs. The building has a very unique, rather strange design, and it is definitely worth checking out.

The whole area of the park inspires for creativity! If you consider yourself a creative person, being here you might also want to visit TUMO Center for creative technologies, which is located at the northern edge of the park. This international center provides free education to Armenian teens in creative fields such as fashion, design, photography and others. You can visit the center if you let them know 1-2 weeks in advance. See the FAQ page on their website for further details.

Republic Square: the best view of the dancing fountains in Yerevan

If you are looking for the best views in Yerevan, you cannot miss the Republic square. Locals also call it simply The Square (“Hraparak” in Armenian). This place can easily count for several views, because the pink tuff architecture surrounding the square changes its color throughout the day, as the sun hits it from different angles. Before I bring you my tips for how to enjoy the view of the dancing fountains in the center of the square, let me tell you a couple of words about the surrounding buildings.

The modern look of this square was designed by the chief architect of Yerevan, Alexander Tamanyan, in 1924. There are five prominent buildings surrounding the square, and each of them is worth seeing (I’m listing them clock-wise starting from the one you see in front of the fountains):

  • The National Art Gallery and The Museum of the History of Armenia (facing the fountains)
  • The Government House (easily distinguished by the big clock tower)
  • The Central Post Office
  • The Marriot Hotel (originally opened in 1958 as Armenia Hotel)
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

One of the greatest things about the Republic Square is what it looks like in the evening – it’s completely different from what you see during the day. It’s full of people, music, joy, and children playing all around. What creates this vibrant environment is the colorful dancing fountains in the middle of the square. The show starts at 9 pm and lasts until 11 pm. The combination of water choreography and the laser-show guarantees an amazing visual experience.

Where to catch the best view of the dancing fountains

Tip 1: Check out the nearest rooftop restaurant – Diamond

If you want to get a really good view of the best dancing fountains in Yerevan, you can visit one of the rooftop cafes located nearby. For example Diamond Restaurant (2, Buzand street) offers a really stunning view of the fountain and the whole square in the evening. The food is not the best, and the waiting time is quite long at times. But the cocktails they offer are generally pretty decent. So, you might want to accompany the view with drinks and then have a dinner elsewhere.

Since the view is really great, the place gets packed quickly towards the evening. So, I really recommend you make sure to book a table beforehand. You can find their phone number on google maps, if you follow the link I provided earlier. If you are not sure if you really need a local mobile phone while visiting Yerevan, I recommend you check out my post about the best sim card in Armenia.

Tip 2: Choose the Mozaic Sky-bar instead, for an even better view

If you don’t mind walking a little bit and want to combine enjoying the view of the dancing fountains and having good food, I recommend going to Mozaic Sky restaurant instead. It is one of the luxury restaurants in Yerevan. It’s further away from the Republic Square, but it is a sky-bar, so the view is just great. You can find the Mozaic Sky-bar in a fancy business center, the entrance is from 15, Movses Khorenatsi street, and then you just need to go to the top floor. The prices are above average, but not too bad. And I love their ice cream! 🙂

This was my top selection of the best views in Yerevan. Whether you are planning to enjoy a beautiful view from a park elevated above the city or from a rooftop sky-bar, I hope this list will help you plan your trip well. Also, I gathered a list of 9 impressive hidden gems in Yerevan which will surely amaze you and make your visit even more memorable.

If I’ve been helpful to you in any way, please take pictures and tweet/instagram those to me with #ArmeniaTravelTips. I’d love to hear from you! And if you are interested in beautiful views, I think you might like my post about the best romantic places in Armenia. So, check it out too. 😉

Featured image credit: Photo by Beko on Wikimedia (CC), edited.

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