Top 8 food delivery apps in Armenia – in Yerevan and beyond

food delivery apps in Armenia

The business of food delivery apps in Armenia is not as big as what you are probably used to if you live in the West. After all, Armenia is still very much a developing country, despite its high growth rate. So, even though you might find our local food delivery apps less advanced, there are certainly several that are worth checking out. So, in this post I’ll give you a brief overview of some of the most popular food delivery apps and services in Armenia, in Yerevan and beyond. And, of course, I’ll only focus on those apps that are available in English.

I really hope you are going to find these apps useful and will use them to get a delicious Armenian meal delivered to you. If that’s the case, please take pictures of your food, and tweet or instagram those to me with #ArmeniaTravelTips. Let me know what your thoughts are on our local, Armenian food delivery apps and how you enjoy our cuisine.

Is Uber Eats available in Armenia?

Let’s get this one out of the way… As of July 2022, Uber Eats is not available in Armenia. Also, you won’t find Wolt, Deliveroo nor Just Eat apps operating in our country. However, don’t neglect the local alternatives, which I’m going to talk you through further down in this post.

Available local food delivery apps in Armenia

So, you spent the whole day exploring Yerevan or one of the other top cities in Armenia, or maybe you’ve been skiing or hiking and now you feel physically devastated. You are hungry but you cannot find any energy to leave your comfy bed. You might be thinking ‘What would Emmanuel from do now?’ Hehe… Well, you are probably not thinking that. Regardless, you fear not! Modern Armenia, the Silicon Valley of the former Soviet Union 🙂 , has a wide range of food delivery apps for you to choose from.

The thing is that the market of food delivery apps in Armenia is kind of mixed. Most apps that are widely used extend their offer far beyond just food delivery. Often these services are mixed with grocery delivery, or pick up services connecting you to different retail stores. Also, we’ve got some very prominent apps of established restaurant chains. Such an app only offers delivery from that one particular chain. But enough people love these chains, so their apps are competitive. And all the apps in the list below have both English and Russian interface. So, let’s see what we have here.

Food apps Armenia
Food apps Armenia

Top 8 food delivery apps in Armenia:

  4. Glovo
  5. Tashir
  6. Karas chain app
  7. Tumanyan Shaurma app
  8. – the most popular food delivery service in Armenia is the oldest food delivery service in Armenia, and therefore the most popular one too. It started as a website, but a couple of years ago they launched their food delivery app. Both the website and the app offer food and produce delivery from a variety of restaurants and specialized stores in Yerevan.

They often cooperate with different venues to offer special deals to their users. So, you are very likely to be surprised with good prices or freebies with your order. They accept both card and cash. The average delivery time is around 30-60 minutes, depending on the proximity of the venue from which you want to order.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t offer coverage outside of the capital city. At least, for me the app never works to locate me when I’m outside of Yerevan. That, despite the fact their ads include references of all major cities in Armenia, as in this example. food delivery app ad in English app is available both on App Store as well as on Google Play. The user interface is not the easiest one to navigate through to be honest. Also, sometimes the app crashes. But, to be honest, all apps on this list do crash sometimes – bugs are everywhere. And don’t you tell me your Uber Eats or Wolt don’t ever get buggy. Most people I know in Armenia, prefer ordering their delivery on website as opposed to using the app. The service is the same, so check it out.

You can also place an order with over phone, by calling their local number. So, those of you who don’t manage to get the app to work, won’t be hungry after all. 🙂 But remember, when calling from a local phone number, you need to replace the first +374 with a 0. phone number: +374 10 222000 – Good to know

Payment methodOperating hoursDelivery timeRating on App Store
Cash & Card24/7~ 40 mins4.3/5 – simple food delivery app is a a food delivery app and a website associated with it. One thing I really love about this app is its name. One could translate it into English as ‘’. But it’s also worth mentioning that ‘am’ sounds like ’em’ in Armenian, and the phrase ‘sovats em’ means ‘I am hungry’. 🙂 You might think I’m being overly excited about this word play, and you are probably right. But I like it nonetheless.

The platform presents itself as a ‘simple food delivery app and website’ that helps you order food and other products very quickly. Indeed, its look and feel is much more minimalistic than that of competing apps. And, I think that’s something that would make this app feel more familiar for many of my readers from the West.

One of their main selling points is the flexibility of their delivery fleet. Because it consists of a combination of bicycles, mopeds and cars, they tend to offer shorter delivery times. This is especially relevant in rush hours in Yerevan. And yes, their food delivery services are only available in Yerevan. They also pride themselves on their special, ventilated thermo-bags that keep the food fresh and warm before it gets to you.

They accept card and cash payments, as well as an option to pay through iDram platfrom, an Armenian e-wallet app. You can learn more about iDram and a lot of other useful apps in Armenia by following the link to that other post I wrote.

You can find food delivery app on App Store and on Google Play. – Good to know

Payment methodOperating hoursDelivery timeRating on App Store
Cash & Card9:00 AM – 2:00 AM~ 1 hour3.2/5 – more of an online shopping mall app is one of those delivery apps I mentioned earlier, that combine a bunch of stuff in one platform. They operate in three broad areas – food delivery from various restaurants, grocery delivery from Carrefour supermarket chain, and delivery from all sorts of retail stores. And when I say retail, I mean clothes, consumer electronics, jewelry and a whole lot more.

I used it for food delivery and I must say, that this app seems to be the most reliable one among all food delivery apps in Armenia. It rarely crashes and it’s quite smooth in terms of user experience it offers. The platform characterizes itself as an “online shopping mall” and they manage to live up to that claim pretty well.

If you are going to use as a food delivery app, you will be glad to know they offer goodies from a wide range of restaurants in Yerevan. But, unfortunately, only in Yerevan. Technically, they deliver across the entire country. But I’m assuming it’s more relevant for those who order from the retail section, since all the restaurants I ever found there were located in Yerevan. Delivery time is comparatively fast and prices are fair, even including delivery. Both card and cash payments are accepted.

The offer is the same on both the app and the website. I personally prefer the app though, so I recommend you to check it out. You can find app here on App Store and on Google Play. And if you are not convinced yet, check out this video of delicious Cinnabons delivery on their Instagram page. – Good to know

Payment methodOperating hoursDelivery timeRating on App Store
Cash & Card24/7~ 1 hour4.3/5

Glovo – food delivery and more

Glovo is one of my favorites in the world of food delivery in Armenia! What I like the most is their website interface as it is super easy to make an order. The delivery usually takes about 20-50 min depending on the order and the distance. You can even find some special deals from different restaurants and the delivery is sometimes free if your order exceeds a certain threshold. So, if you’re really hungry and order a ton of food you don’t even need, you might not even pay for the delivery 😋.

But what’s even better is the fact that they offer more than just food delivery services. They also have additional delivery services such as flowers, medication, perfume and other deliveries from different shops. That’s pretty convenient, I think!

Glovo – Good to know

Payment methodOperating hoursDelivery timeRating on App Store
Cash & Card24/7~ 40 mins4.9/5

Armenian food delivery apps operated by restaurants

Some popular restaurants and food chains don’t only offer their food for delivery through above-mentioned apps, but they operate their own food delivery apps as well.

Tashir – best pizza delivery app in Armenia

Tashir Pizza, a famous pizza restaurant chain in Armenia, also offers its own delivery service. Since they have their pizzerias open pretty much in every major city in Armenia, they also deliver in all those cities. That makes them one of the most widely accessible food delivery services in the country.

The order can be placed both on the website and on their food delivery app. You can find the menu with the ingredients on the delivery app. But brace yourself, the range of their offer is pretty wide and everything looks (and tastes) absolutely delicious. Pay with cash or card, as you wish. I don’t like their website, so here are the links to the app download on App Store and on Google Play. And here is a little tip from me… Don’t assume they’re only good at making pizza! 😉

Tashir – Good to know

Payment methodOperating hoursDelivery timeRating on App Store
Cash & Card10:00 AM – 00:00 AM40 – 60 mins3.2/5

Karas chain

Karas Restaurant chain is one of the biggest food chains operating in Armenia with restaurants in Yerevan, Abovyan and in the popular Armenian ski resort Tsakhkadzor (btw, follow the link if you want to learn more about our ski resorts). They used to have a pretty cool app for orders, but unfortunately, they stopped supporting it. The thing is, their website makes it very easy to order food delivery online. So, I guess the app never really picked up that well, since most of those who’d prefer to order online (instead of calling) would do that on their web.

They operate as more of a fast-food chain, but they proudly offer a wide variety of national Armenian dishes with a modern twist. So if you are in the mood for some yummy Armenian food and you don’t want to go out, check out Karas’s English website, and place your order there.

Karas – Good to know

Payment methodOperating hoursDelivery timeContact Information
Cash & Card24/7~ 40 mins010 32 55 55

Tumanyan Shaurma app

Tumanyan Shaurma is one of the most beloved eateries for residents of Yerevan. These are not fancy establishments, far from it! They also rarely attract non-locals as they seem like a regular fast food place. So, it’s likely that you won’t get to any of their venues. But you’d miss out on that little bit of authentic Armenian experience if you don’t try Tumanyan Shaurma. With their food delivery app, it’s very easy to indulge in their delicious shaurmas, sort of giros or kebab (as many Europeans would call it).

Their delivery app offers the full Tumanyan Shaurma menu as well as fast access to new menu items and seasonal offers. You can even place future orders up to 24 hours in advance. Unfortunately, at the moment they only deliver in Yerevan, and they only accept cash payments. However, they promise card payment integration will come soon. Check out their website and see the links for app download.

Tumanyan Shaurma – Good to know

Payment methodOperating hoursDelivery timeRating on App Store
Cash24/7~ 25 mins (in the center)4.3/5 – food court with online delivery is currently the only food court and supermarket that offers its own delivery service through its website and delivery app. It started as a supermarket many years ago, in fact, one of the first supermarkets in Armenia. Over the years they grew by opening new locations and eventually launched their own food courts. Now, they also offer food delivery from those food courts.

One cool thing about these guys is that with them you can do your grocery shopping and order ready food from them. Both will be delivered to your doorsteps, and you would only pay the delivery fee once!

From traditional Armenian dishes to international cuisine, at you can truly find absolutely everything. The website is horrible, let’s be honest here… Hehe. 🙂 But their app is not that bad, so check it out on App Store and Google Play. – Good to know

Payment methodOperating hoursDelivery timeRating on App Store
Cash & Card10:00 AM – 00:30 AM~ 1 hour3.8/5

That’s it! These were the top food delivery apps in Armenia. I hope they’re going to help you stay full even when you are dropping tired after exploring the beauty of our country. In case you can’t decide what to eat, get inspired by my list of must try Armenian foods. If you found this post useful, please let me know! Tweet or instagram pictures of your meal to me with #ArmeniaTravelTips. I’ll be looking forward! Bon appetit!

Featured image credit: Photo by Gor Davtyan on Unsplash (CC), edited

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