Is Armenia safe for U.S. citizens?

Is Armenia safe for U.S. citizens?

Armenia is one of the safest travel destinations in the world. Walking in the streets of Yerevan at night is only enjoyable and you don’t have to worry about safety at all. As in any country, it is possible that you might get into trouble during your visit. However, you have a relatively low chance of such incidents happening to you in Armenia. But, of course, as a traveler, you might still question the country’s safety before making a final decision to visit there. So, if you are wondering if as a U.S. citizen you can feel safe in Armenia, I think you landed on the right page to find your answer 😉.

Armenia is a safe tourist destination showing low crime rates when compared to the safest U.S. cities. There are only a few recorded cases of robbery, theft, and pickpocketing. Also, you will hardly encounter any discrimination towards Americans and the presence of U.S. volunteers in Armenia is valid proof.

Now, it is time to have a quick look at what’s going to be discussed in this blog post. You will learn some statistics regarding the hate crime to have a better idea about travel safety in Armenia. I will also tell you if Armenia is open to welcoming U.S. citizens on its land. Besides, you will get an idea of what life looks like in Armenia’s regions in terms of safety for U.S. citizens. And, if you’re a traveler from the U.S. let me know if you felt safe in Armenia on Instagram or Twitter with #ArmeniaTravelTips.

Travel safety in Armenia

As I mentioned earlier, Armenia is considered to be a very safe country due to the low crime rates. It is also pretty rare for travelers to become a victim of any crime during their visit. So, it is very safe to move around the city and visit public places without ever worrying about street crime, pickpocketing and theft. You might wonder but it is even safe in Armenia during late hours. But, to make sure you believe my words I gathered some statistics for you.

Crime and Safety Indices by City 2022 (source: Numbeo)

So, as it is always good to talk with exact numbers I chose to make a chart for you. I believe this will make everything about safety a lot clearer. The bar chart illustrates the crime and safety indices of the safest cities in the United States and of course, it is compared to Armenia. As you can see, Yerevan performs the best with both indices making Armenia a safe travel destination for everyone to visit. I guess after looking at the chart and being a U.S. citizen you will appreciate Armenia’s numbers even more 🙂

I hope after reading this comparison you have one more reason to not worry about feeling safe in Armenia. Basically, as long as you follow the main personal safety measures you should be fine here. And, if you want to learn more about the safety of Muslim and Indian tourists in Armenia just feel free to check out my separate posts.

Is Armenia open to U.S. citizens?

If you plan to visit Armenia for not more than six months than being a U.S. citizen you won’t face any visa restrictions. As long as you have a valid passport there is no need to worry about entering Armenia. For more detailed information you can visit the embassy’s website.

You will also not have to worry about any type of hostility towards people coming from the U.S. as we are a very hospitable nation. Most of the youth are able to communicate in English so language shouldn’t be an issue. We are very open to people and like hanging out with tourists. So, you might end up making some Armenian friends and feel safer with them especially, in case you want to have a travel buddy.

Is it safe for Americans in the regions of Armenia?

Yes, Armenia’s regions are absolutely safe for Americans. Even safer than the capital city. There are many NGOs that welcome Americans to Armenia by creating work and volunteering opportunities for them. These activities mostly take place in the regions of Armenia and if you participate you might end up living with an Armenian family. Exciting, right? Some of those organizations I know are PeaceCorps and Armenian Volunteer Corps (AVC) so if you’re interested you can reach out to them. This presence creates a very positive perception of Americans among the Armenian villagers.

If you come to live in Armenia’s regions you will see how safe and calm our country is. People might even leave their doors open and no crimes will happen. I’m serious! I recall that even living in the capital city, our doors were never locked during the day when I was a kid. And the rural areas are even calmer. And I think, now that you got curious about what life looks like in Armenia I would suggest you watch this video and get an American perspective on it.

Final thoughts

I hope I was able to convince you that Armenia is a safe place for U.S. citizens by providing evidence. There is really no need to worry and you’ll see that when you experience Armenian hospitality. I am sure you will feel great while walking in the streets of Yerevan and enjoy your visit to the fullest. Also, if you’re a solo female traveler and you’re unsure about your safety in Armenia, check out this overview I wrote for you.

I am hopeful you will have a wonderful time in Armenia and plan your second visit to be an even longer one. And, the best way to stay longer in Armenia is through participating in volunteering and internship programs. I will be happy to see some of the pictures you take here with Armenians during your visits. So, don’t forget to share them with me on Instagram or Twitter with #ArmeniaTravelTips. I am looking forward to it!

Featured image credits: Olya Kobruseva on Pexels

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