How to travel to Armenia with a dog?

Dog traveling to Armenia

You are planning to travel to Armenia and don’t have information on how to take your dog with you? If the answer is yes, this blogpost will help you in your search. I am going to share with you all the necessary information for your dog to have a nice trip and stay in Armenia. Traveling to Armenia with a dog may be a hassle if you’re not familiar with the relevant regulations. So, let’s minimize the struggle. Let’s see how. If you like this post, ping me on Instagram or Twitter, with #ArmeniaTravelTips.

What do you need to know for traveling to Armenia with a dog?

Armenia has well-defined regulations on the import of dogs. You will need your dog’s passport, a veterinary certificate confirming that all required vaccinations have been done, and 2 photos of your pet. Note, that the airline and your home country may also require some papers for taking the dog out of the country.

To get the most up-to-date information on traveling with a dog to Armenia, I spent hours researching the topic and I talked to the Head of the  Armenian Dog Lovers’ Association. So, here is how to get prepared for the relocation of your dog and what to do when you are already in Armenia.

What are the regulations for traveling to Armenia with a dog?

Armenia has strict requirements for bringing dogs into the country. The rules are set by The Eurasian Economic Union, which Armenia is a member of. Particularly, you will need:

  • A pet-passport,
  • Two photographs of your pet,
  • A veterinary certificate confirming necessary vaccinations and health-checks.

The passport of your pet is the identification document. The country of origin issues it. Generally, Armenia has no special requirements for the passport so your current document will be sufficient.

I recommend having two photos of your dog with you if you are traveling to Armenia. Attach one on the crate, if your pet is going to travel in the cargo area of the plane, and keep the second photo with you.

Upon arrival, you may be asked to present this photo at the customs in Armenia. But generally, from what I’ve heard, the customs employees in Armenia are quite benevolent and they don’t check all the paperwork very thoroughly when it comes to pets.

Veterinary certificate with vaccinations to bring a dog to Armenia

Typically, the veterinary certificate can be issued by a veterinary office in your country. It simply confirms that your dog is in good health and that all necessary vaccinations and health-checks have been duly completed. This certificate needs to be issued on a special form called Form #15, as defined by the Decision of the  Eurasian Economic Commission No. 117 on July 9, 2019. You can download a bilingual version (English and Russian) of the form here on the US Department of Agriculture website, for example. 

As you can see from the text of that form, in order to bring your dog to Armenia, a veterinarian needs to confirm that your dog has received vaccination against the following diseases:

  • Rabies,
  • Canine Distemper Virus (CDV),
  • Canine Parvovirus,
  • Infectious Canine Hepatitis,
  • Adenovirus infections
  • Leptospirosis.

Note that your dog needs to get all the vaccinations s not earlier than 12 months, and not later than 20 days before the date when your dog is going to enter Armenia. Referring to that form, your veterinarian will do all the necessary health checks and your dog is pretty much set to go.

In case of any issues, you should know that there is always a veterinary office at any legal port of entry into Armenia, e.g. at the main international Zvartnots airport, at all three gateways of the Armenia-Georgia border, and the Iranian border. So, it doesn’t matter if you are traveling by car, bus, train, or airplane, if something goes wrong there is always a veterinarian at the border who you can consult with.

Other requirements for bringing a dog to Armenia

If you’re planning to fly to Armenia, it’s worth checking the requirements of your chosen airline. They may have specific limitations or requirements for transporting your dog. So, it’s better to contact them beforehand and prepare everything. For example, they might have special requirements for the crate if your dog is going to travel in the cargo section of the plane. IATA rules for containers are usually applied.

Last but not least. Keep in mind that your home country, or any transit country, where you might have a layover on the way to Armenia, may have its own rules and requirements for pets crossing the national borders. So, I’d recommend checking with them before traveling. The Armenian Embassy in your home country can be a good source of information for this. Find the closest one to you here.

Can assistance dogs travel to Armenia?

Assistance dogs or guide dogs accompany passengers with limited abilities. Mostly, air companies require that the information about the assistance dog be provided upon booking a ticket. As a rule, a document certifying that the dog is a ”guide dog” should be provided.

Usually, there is no charge for guide dogs when traveling by plane. Typically, airlines take care that the person with limited abilities takes the front row while the dog will normally sit in the space on the floor in front of the seat. However, you must comply with all document requirements as with other dogs when crossing the border of Armenia (see above).

FAQ about traveling to Armenia with a dog

What to consider before the trip?

  • How much does bringing your dog to Armenia cost?

You need to pay for the travel costs (if the dog is not a guide dog) and the veterinary services. The cost of the pet transportation depends on the weight of your pet. You will pay according to the excess baggage fee. I recommend that you check out the exact cost with your chosen airlines.

In addition, you may need to take care of hotel costs in Armenia. When it comes to paying extra for having your dog at hotels in Armenia, the prices vary, typically from 5 USD to 20USD. But some hotels may agree to let your dog stay for free, especially if it’s a small breed.

  • Which airlines to take?

Almost all airlines accept dogs to travel to Armenia. However, while booking a ticket, you must inform the airline that you are with a pet and get confirmation from the air company for the carriage of the animal. 

  • Can my dog travel in the cabin?

Yes, your dog can travel in the cabin. However, pets traveling in the cabin have a weight limit which is normally 6 kg. If the dog is over 6 kg, they are typically carried in the baggage/cargo section of the aircraft. I recommend that you check the specific rules with your chosen airline.

  • Won’t my dog be too stressed in the crate in the cargo section?

Yes, especially if your dog is traveling in a crate in cargo for the first time, it might be a stressful experience. Here are some tips for how to help minimize such stress:

  1. Put pee pads into the crate.
  2. Consider putting a T-shirt or a scarf with your scent into the crate so that your dog feels your presence and therefore is less stressed during the trip.
  3. Make an A4 page with a cute story about your dog, print it out, and stick it on all 4 sides of the crate. Ask the baggage handlers to treat your pet’s container gently in that story.
  4. Attach a water bottle to the crate and make sure to secure it well so that it doesn’t fall off.
  5. Upon boarding, talk to the flight attendants, ask them to remind the pilot that there is a dog in the cargo section. The pilot should be able to regulate the temperature in the cargo area making the journey a tiny bit less stressful for your pet.

And, of course, take an abundance of your dog’s favorite treats and generously give them to your pet before and immediately after the flight. Put some of those treats into the crate too.

  • Can my dog travel by bus, car, or train?

Yes, you can travel into Armenia with your dog by all routes.

  • Are there any breed restrictions for bringing dogs to Armenia?

No, there are no breed restrictions in Armenia However, double-check with your travel carrier, e.g. the airline, to make sure they don’t impose breed restrictions either.

  • Should my pet have a microchip to enter Armenia?

Microchips are gaining widespread acceptance in Armenia. Most pets have microchips for identification but the situation is still transitional as Armenia is making a move to microchips. This means that as of today your dog can enter Armenia even if it does not have a microchip. However, my advice would be to have one, since it helps to track the animal if it gets lost.

  • Will my dog be allowed to Armenia if it is under 4 months old?

No, Armenia does not allow pets under 4 months old to enter the country. The law requires that they be quarantined at the border/customs until they become at least 4 months old. And you will need to cover all the costs associated with taking care of your dog for that whole period.

Traveling inside Armenia with a dog

  • Are there dog-friendly hotels in Armenia?

Armenia is making the first steps towards becoming a more dog-friendly country. We don’t really have a huge culture of having pets outside of rural areas. So, seeing someone with a dog on the streets of our major cities still attracts some attention and smiles. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise you that some hotels may not be ready to host your dog.

A quick check on common hotel booking platforms confirmed that there are around 200 hotels only in Yerevan that claim they accept pets. But, I’d recommend being on the safe side, and dropping the hotel a note about your dog before arrival. Especially if you booked a small hotel/hostel as opposed to one belonging to an international chain. 

  • Can I enter shops, restaurants, and public transport with my dog?

The laws are not clear whether you can take a dog to public transport in Armenia. You can travel with your dog on the metro but it is unclear with mini-buses. Normally, shops and restaurants do not allow dogs inside the facility. But you can always sit with your pet in the outdoor sitting area – luckily those are in abundance in the restaurants in Armenia, and the weather is nice for at least 9 months out of 12.

  • Are there dog parks in Armenia?

As mentioned above, Armenia is now building facilities to be more pet-friendly. As part of the government’s commitment, dog parks are going to be built in all communities. Yerevan Municipality commissioned the first skate and dog park in November 2021 in downtown Yerevan (Oghakadzev Park).

Unfortunately, this is the only dog park so far. Other than that, you can freely walk with your dog in your neighborhood.

  • Are there dog poop bags available?

There are no dog poop bags available next to trash cans on the streets of Armenia as people in the West might be used to. So, you should bring those bags with you if you don’t want to be looking for such bags. But just as anywhere else in the world, if your pet poops on the street, please clean up after them.

Where to turn for help?

Below are links to some veterinary offices, pet hotels, and dog associations. Most of them are very friendly people and you can approach them with your questions or if you need any help while in Armenia.

Vets in Armenia


NGOs and Associations helping dogs

Final thoughts on traveling to Armenia with a dog

I do hope you will have an unforgettable trip to Armenia with your dog. If you like dressing your dog up and having it promenade on the streets and cause awe among the people, Armenia is the place to go with your doggo. But make sure to prepare the right outfit for your dog, check out my post about the weather in Yerevan to get a sense of what different seasons are like. If you don’t have a puppy yet and would like to have one, it’s time to learn about dog adoption in Armenia. And don’t forget to share the pictures of your dog in Armenia with me on Instagram or Twitter, with #ArmeniaTravelTips. Safe travels!

Featured image credits: Roberto Nickson on Unsplash (CC)

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