Armenians and braids

Do Armenians wear braids?

Wearing braids has been a hot topic in the past years. Some are accused of appropriating African culture by wearing braids. The case of the Kardashians was rather illustrative. So, I thought it would be useful if I looked at the braiding tradition among Armenians. I will talk about the role of braids in Armenian …

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Armenian duduk

Armenian duduk history

They say the human soul speaks in the language of music. If that’s the case I think the Armenian duduk is the perfect instrument for conveying the complex nuances of the human soul, and it has become a beloved symbol of Armenian culture and identity. No other instrument can express the Armenian fate, character, and …

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How Armenians became Christian

How Armenians became Christian?

In June 2016, Pope Francis visited Armenia and they called this trip a “Visit to the first Christian nation”. Is it true that Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity on a state level? If you have some doubts, keep on reading this post. We will talk about the history and developments around the …

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Echmiadzin mother cathedral

How did Armenia remain Christian?

It’s quite incredible how Armenians remained Christian although powerful Muslim states surrounded them for centuries. How? In this post, I’m going to break this down for you. One would expect that given the political and cultural influence of much stronger neighbors, Armenians would abandon their Christian faith at some point, and would convert to Islam. …

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Armenian folk music - duduk

Armenian folk music history

As the history of Armenia, Armenia folk music dates millenniums back. The first traits were mentioned in the 3rd millennium BC. Sure, Armenian folk music history was influenced by both Western and Eastern cultures since Armenia itself is at the crossroads of those. Let’s see what this wonderful country has to offer in terms of …

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