Yerevan city tour bus: the alternative to hop on hop off city bus

Yerevan city tour bus

If you’re struggling to decide which sights to visit in Yerevan first and/or you’re short on time, I have a sneaky solution for you. I would surely recommend you to take a ride on the Yerevan city tour bus as your alternative to the traditional hop on hop off sightseeing bus. This will give you an overview of the most important locations that you might want to see, and later you can decide which ones you want to stop at and explore them more in detail.

Yerevan city bus gives you a sightseeing tour in Yerevan along with a 2-hour long audio-guided tour. The primary objective of the program is to familiarize tourists with the popular historical and cultural sights of the capital city.

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Overview of Yerevan city bus tour

The Yerevan city tour’s red double-decker buses run every day starting from 11:00 to 19:00 with intervals of 2 hours. You can capture amazing views of the city and enjoy the overall atmosphere of the capital city. Besides, by the end of your tour, you will have a better idea about Yerevan’s history, cultural values and uniqueness, enjoy the architecture and already understand how the city is structured.

Speaking of cultural uniqueness, Armenians have a lot to offer on that front. How about you familiarize yourself with our culture a bit before you even arrive in Armenia? It could be fun to learn a couple of weird phrases that sound bizarre to foreigners or maybe even some funny Armenian insults. It’s not just fun, but also educational (haha, yeah, insults are important!) and the locals will surely appreciate your effort! 🙂

Anyways, I am sure you will enjoy Yerevan, especially with our sightseeing tour bus. In case you come up with different questions about the Yerevan city tour bus, I leave their contact information below.

Contact information

Address: Argishti 1, Yerevan, Armenia

Working hours: 09:00 – 18:00 (Mon – Fri)

Tel:  011 514-230

Email: [email protected]


There are about 7 different routes available for the city bus tour so you can contact them for the specific route you want. You can also find that information on the map if you’d like.

The start and end points for the routes is France Square which is located in the city center. It’s very close to the Cascade and Opera area if you search for it on the map.

You can watch this YouTube video of a person vlogging the whole time he was on the bus. This will probably give you a better idea of what it’s like taking this city bus tour and the itinerary as well.


The Yerevan city tour bus works upon reservation so you better book your seat in advance if you plan on experiencing the bus tour. You can either buy the tickets online and pay in full or buy a booking voucher. In case of making the full payment you are free to cancel your ticket up to 24 hours beforehand and receive a full refund. And in the case of a booking voucher, you will pay the remaining amount on the spot however, if you cancel no money will be reimbursed. Here is the link you can use to buy the tickets.

Also, don’t forget to book your tickets at least 48 hours in advance. It would also be a good idea to have any type of identification document (e.g. ID, passport or driver’s license) with you in case they ask for one.


Category of peoplePrice
Children 0-7 years oldfree of charge
Children 7-15 years old1500 AMD
16+ RA citizens and residents3000 AMD
16+ tourists5000 AMD
Students2000 AMD (student ID is required)
People with disabilitiesfree of charge (with free public transport card)

There are also additional discounts/packages available. So, a 10% discount applies to the groups that are more than 10 people. And, there is also a school package which allows people to buy the ticket for only 1500 AMD per person.

The ticket includes

  • Multi-language audio-tour guide (Armenian, Russian, English, French, German, Persian)
  • Free headphones and leaflets
  • Free Wi-Fi on board

Additional information

Now that you know pretty much all the info you need, a couple of good to know bits here about the city tour bus company:

  • The maximum capacity of their buses for groups is 50 people
  • Consider that children below the age of twelve must be accompanied by an adult
  • The buses are also accessible for people with disabilities

Final thoughts

There is really a lot to explore in Armenia and you’ll see that Yerevan is a beautiful city for spending some quality time too. In case you want to discover Armenia further, you might consider renting a car (read more about how to do it at the link) or if you don’t know how to drive you can take a taxi. Even though we don’t have uber in Armenia yet, we do have other alternative taxi options. Check out the post to find out more! I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun with Armenian taxi drivers 😁

If you decide to take a tour on this Yerevan sightseeing bus, I want to hear from you about the experience you had with it. So, don’t forget to share some of your thoughts with me on Instagram or Twitter with #ArmeniaTravelTips.

Featured image credit: Yerevan Municipality

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