All you need to know about renting a car in Yerevan

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Renting a car in a different country can be challenging and a very responsible thing at times. It’s also important to pick a good and trusted rental service provider in town. As a traveler, you might have doubts about renting a car in Armenia, but I’m here to inform you on the topic. You don’t need to worry, just make sure you have everything that’s necessary to be able to drive in Armenia.

In order to rent a car in Yerevan, you need to have a valid passport and a driver’s license. Also, you need to be at least 18 years old. The cost of renting a basic car in Yerevan usually starts around $60 per day and can go up to $230 depending on the car model you rent.

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Cost of renting a car

As you already learned, the average car rental cost in Yerevan ranges between $60 and $230 per day, depending on the car type. In the table below, I give you the approximate prices of these cars divided into categories.

Those rates are taken from Swift Rent a Car and you can see the prices for renting a car in Yerevan from one day to almost a week. By the way, I have two separate posts on cheap car rentals and luxury car rentals in Yerevan. You can find more information on different company prices and car models there.

Cheap cars

Fleet1 day4-6 days
Ford Fiesta or similar5748
Kia Rio or similar6252
Kia Rio X-Line or similar6959
Hyundai Elantra or similar7161

Mid-range cars

Fleet1 day4-6 days
Nissan Kicks or similar7665
Renault Duster or similar8169
Toyota Camry or similar8673
Jeep Compass or similar9480

Lux cars

Fleet1 day4-6 days
Mercedes-Benz W221 or similar197168
Range Rover Sport or similar222189

Bigger cars

Fleet1 day4-6 days
Kia Sorento or similar (7 passengers)10488
Nissan Quest or similar (8 passengers)11194
Mercedes-Benz Vito or similar (8 passengers)148126
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or similar (20 passengers)222189

When it comes to payment methods, when renting a car in Armenia you will see that most car rental service companies allow you to pay online using your credit card. With some you may also be able to pay with a bank card in their store, but not with all of them. Sometimes, I suspect, they claim that their card terminal is broken, just to avoid accepting card payments, because generally they’d prefer cash. Cash is obviously widely not only accepted but also welcomed.

Can foreigners rent a car in Armenia?

The short answer is yes, foreigners can rent a car in Armenia. However, there are some things that are important to know and be prepared for so I list them below. Note, that most car rental service companies are based in Yerevan, the capital. So, most likely you’ll be dealing with one of them.

What you need to rent a car in Yerevan:

  • Passport: make sure you present a valid international passport
  • Driver’s license: know that valid driving licenses from all EU countries are accepted, but if you are not an EU citizen, you may be asked to present your national driver’s license along with the international one. Also, note that your driver’s license should also have your information written in Latin letters to fully meet the requirements
  • Age limitation: in most cases being 18 is enough to be able to rent a car. However, for some car types (more expensive ones), you might need to be 21 or even 23 years old. It’s done to minimize irresponsible driving practices by younger people. Also, in some cases, a surcharge may apply to young drivers under 21 years old.
  • Insurance: every car rental has its own insurance policy and offers a certain level of coverage along with some liability policy. If you want to have full protection of the car you might consider taking full insurance on your own.

For those of you who don’t have the necessary documents, or are not old enough for the type of car you want to use, don’t worry. Most car rentals also offer the service of providing a driver, along with the car. So, even if you don’t have the right to drive you can still rent your preferred car with a driver, for a surcharge of course. Sometimes it’s even more fun when you have your own chauffeur. 🙂

Also, I believe my post about driving in Armenia would serve as a helpful guide for you when you decide to rent a car in Armenia. You should definitely get an idea of how driving in Armenia really is before you take charge of a wheel.

Top car rentals in Yerevan

Here I put together a list of the available companies providing car rental services in Yerevan. They’re all English-friendly, so I encourage you to check out their latest offer by following the links below.

Car rentals in Yerevan

Wrapping up

Renting a car can really help you get around in Armenia. And I’m glad that I can confidently say it’s not a very complicated process for international travelers visiting my country. Choose your car, sign the deal, and you’re good to go.

Make sure you follow the rules and drive safely as safety always comes first. Also, check out some of the best places you can visit in Armenia and plan your road trip accordingly. And, of course, make sure to find time to drive around Yerevan’s coolest neighborhood and enjoy some jazz music. Don’t forget to have fun and share some of the experiences you had in Armenia with me on Instagram or Twitter with #ArmeniaTravelTips.

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