5 abandoned places in Yerevan you can’t miss!

Abandoned places in Yerevan

Abandoned places can leave an impression of being haunted but I think they are more than that. Along with the mystical vibe these places have, they are also historical for me to a certain degree. Yerevan has some left to this day and I decided to make a list of abandoned places and present it to you. You may want to visit some of them while you’re here, especially if you want to take some cool pictures.

List of 5 best abandoned places in Yerevan:

  • Pedestrian tunnel
  • Children’s railway
  • Aragil restaurant
  • Former swimming pool
  • Eraz car factory

As you know, I love hearing from you! I am very curious to know which abandoned locations you’ve been to and which ones you liked the most. That is why you can just write your opinions on Instagram or Twitter with #ArmeniaTravelTips and I’ll be able to read them. Hopefully, you can find these locations interesting enough to pay a visit and share your thoughts with me. So, let’s jump to exploring each one by one!

Pedestrian tunnel

Even though the Pedestrian tunnel is abandoned, it is still one of my favorite spots for taking good pictures. This is located in Kond, the oldest neighborhood of Yerevan, where you’ll find lots of graffiti on the walls (follow that link to learn more about Kond). In fact, the tunnel also has numerous pieces of street art as well. Despite the fact that it’s an abandoned place, you might still witness some youth that goes there from time to time.

That’s also because it’s really a good location for taking Insta pics to entertain your followers. But if you ask me it might get a bit spooky at night. Also, going there during the day is more fun I believe. By the way, there are a lot more Instagrammable places in Armenia so if you’re interested and have time then definitely check them out.

Children’s railway

When you get out of the tunnel you’ll see the Children’s railway and a small amusement park right nearby. Even though this place is still functioning partially, unfortunately, it doesn’t have lots of visitors. That’s why I still decided to list this place as an abandoned location in Yerevan. But I really love the Children’s railway as it brings so many good memories from childhood. Even if you’re an old grandma this place is magical and will take you to your childhood. I believe it’s also one of the true hidden gems in Yerevan that many people forgot about.

Aragil restaurant

The Aragil restaurant was founded in 1960 and the name “Aragil” means stork. As you can tell it was once a restaurant and now it became a tourist attraction because of abandonment. It is located in the area of Victory park. You can get a very nice view of the city from the park. Also, there is a place in the area of Aragil restaurant where you can get a breathtaking view of the prominent Mount Ararat. In this abandoned place you can find some graffiti paintings and inscriptions on the walls. The only regret I have about this place is that it’s not being properly used.

Former swimming pool

This swimming pool is one of the abandoned places you can find in Yerevan and is located near the Republican Stadium. Considering the fact that there has been a sports complex nearby, it’s supposed that this pool has been a part of it. There are two entrances to the building and it’s known that the building was quite old. And even now, if you look inside this abandoned location you won’t be able to fully identify the changing rooms. It’s basically almost all ruined which is why the doubts about this pool still continue. To get more info and see some pictures of the place visit this link.

Eraz car factory

The Eraz factory used to be an automobile manufacturer but now the place is abandoned. Even though it doesn’t operate as a factory nowadays, people still find good use of this place. For example, in 2017 Eraz car factory served as a place to organize the Yerevan Art Expo. Some artists were able to present their artwork during the exhibition and people came to appreciate it. I also believe that this abandoned factory has been used in the preparation of some music videos of Armenian artists. It also seems to be a good location for organizing nice photoshoots.

Final thoughts on abandoned places in Yerevan

Well, I think this blog post helped you to discover some cool abandoned places that exist in Yerevan. Hopefully, you’ll find time to check out at least some of these locations. As you seem to like places that not many people know about, you will surely be interested in hidden locations in Armenia. You might also like to see these great examples of modern architecture in Armenia. Or if you wanna chill in an ambiance full of artsy vibes, check out my list of the most hipster places in Yerevan.

Now that you got to know more about the abandoned places in Yerevan, I would like to know what else you would add to this list. So, don’t forget to make your additions and share them with me on Instagram or Twitter with #ArmeniaTravelTips. I’ll be happy to add them to this list!

Featured image credits: Blogging Guide on Unsplash

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