9 most famous Armenian female celebrities you should look out for

Armenian female celebrities

Armenia being a small nation actually has lots of people that are famous on a world scale. Our women are especially brilliant! These people take different occupations and live in different countries, but we are all proud of them, as they all somehow bring recognition to Armenia. There are of course also many local artists and entertainers who try to find their way to international markets and have success. And, in this post, I tried to make a list of Armenian female celebrities that are distinguished and successful in their careers.

Top Armenian female celebrities:

  • Kim Kardashian
  • Cher
  • Sirusho
  • Angela Safaryan
  • Ana Kasparian
  • Iveta Mukuchyan
  • Armine Harutyunyan
  • Rosa Linn
  • Masha Mnjoyan 

These female celebrities are quite famous in the world and continually embrace the love of their fans. I am sure you know most of them so don’t forget to tell me who you love the most and why. Or just share with me who was the Armenian female celebrity that you just discovered from this blog on Instagram or Twitter with #ArmeniaTravelTips. I look forward to your messages!

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is surely one of the most famous and successful Armenian female celebrities out there. She is a known media personality, model, superstar, socialite and businesswoman. Kim and her family used to have the “Keeping up with the Kardashians” reality show for years which has made huge waves in the entertainment industry. Women will also be very familiar with the Skims shapewear and SKKN skincare products authored by Kim. She is so famous you probably know it all especially if you follow her on socials 😆.


Well, you probably know Cher as a singer, actress, and TV personality and also someone who is even referred to as the “Goddess of Pop”. But what you may not know is that her full name is Cherilyn Sarkisian. So, yes you heard it right, she is Armenian. Cher has a six-decade-long experience in her career where she has gotten the chance to impress the world with her distinctive voice and talent. She’s surely one of the Armenian female celebrities that has had an invaluable impact in her field. And she stood up for Armenia multiple times defending our country in times of international conflict.


Sirusho is a professional singer and songwriter and one of the Armenian female celebrities that lots of people love. Some of her songs are on my playlist because they sound so Armenian to my ears. They are very authentic and even in her Pregomesh jewelry line, it becomes more obvious. If you trust me, which I know you do, Pregomesh pieces of jewelry are one of a kind which is why I recommend it in my list of top 10 unique gift ideas you can buy from Armenia.

Angela Safaryan

Angela Safaryan is an actress who played in various movies. I personally learned about her from the movies called “Lost & Found in Armenia” and “The Promise”. Now, she lives in the US and continues to prosper in her professional career. She’s apparently got talent so what’s left is hard work and perseverance in her future endeavors. Who knows maybe she’s the next Armenian Hollywood star we don’t know yet 👀.

Ana Kasparian

Ana Kasparian is a quite famous media host, journalist and political commentator. She is a real professional at her job and seeing her shine on television really makes her a true Armenian female celebrity. Over the years Ana has always been standing up for progressive values, and for example, in 2021 during wide pro-choice protests in Poland a snippet of her clip talking about religious freedoms went viral. Check it out below.

But Ana became widely known before that, after joining the TYT network, a progressive media outlet based in the USA. Currently, she is one of the main hosts of the network. She has also been selected by the Munich Security Conference as one of only 3 reporters worldwide to cover the conference in 2019.

Iveta Mukuchyan

She came all the way from Germany to Armenia to participate in a singing competition called “Hay Superstar”. Even though she didn’t win, it surely helped her to go ahead in her career of making music. Now she’s a very successful Armenian artist and is often referred to as the “Iva la Diva”. Iveta also participated in the Eurovision contest and currently appears in multiple reality singing competitions as one of the judges. Even though she didn’t win Eurovision, her appearance on the stage sent shock waves through the crowds. And she’s currently one of the most well-known Eurovision artists in the fans’ community. Also, she is stunning! Come on!

Armine Harutyunyan

Armine Harutyunyan is one of the most prominent world-class models from Armenia. The first time you see her I am sure you will notice her unique style and facial features. It’s really different and that’s probably what makes her so special. She is also known by the name “Gucci model” as she’s been working for the brand for a while now. Because of her “unconventional” look, Armine has always been the center of attention, and often even criticism. There is even an interesting article about this Armenian female celebrity on Forbes. It sheds light on her body-shaming experience in Italy. Seems like being a model comes at a cost for her.

Rosa Linn

Rosa Linn is a young Armenian singer-songwriter who recently gained fame after participating in the Eurovision contest. Her performance amazed many people and now she was even invited to the famous Late Late Show hosted by James Corden (watch it here). She sang her song “Snap” which at this point lots of people like and listen to. I think Rosa’s success makes Armenians proud and makes her our new star-celebrity. So far she has been showing her talent to the world and continues to work on having more achievements.

Masha Mnjoyan

Masha Mnjoyan is a true talent with an angelic voice that won the Armenian The Voice and became a finalist at Australia’s The Voice. She has proven her talent on so many occasions and has worked hard on improving herself. Masha is one of the Armenian celebrities who surely made her nation proud with the efforts she put into her work. She also has participated in other contests and won awards. Now, she lives in Australia and we are happy that there are such artists of our descent.

Final thoughts on Armenian female celebrities

Although these people are listed as celebrities, they are also very accessible for people in our country. They do have concerts here and the tickets aren’t too expensive. They’d often perform in one of the many cultural events in Yerevan. So, check out the post to learn more about where you’re likely to see our celebs on stage. And if you are interested in learning more about our contemporary pop culture, maybe check out my post highlighting the best Armenian tiktokers of these days.

I’m really happy for a chance to highlight so many talented Armenian female celebrities spread around the world. Let’s also not forget about the greatest Armenian female warriors and heroes and give them credit for their impact as well (get to know more about them at the link). Our women are invincible and unstoppable! And of course, this list is not complete so please do let me know who I missed or who you would want to see here. Don’t hesitate to add your options so share them with me on Instagram or Twitter with #ArmeniaTravelTips.

Finally, to learn more about the broader cultural influence we had on the world, read about what Armenians invented. It’s fun, and some items on the list might surprise you.

Featured image credit: Albin Olsson on Wikimedia Commons

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