Nose surgery in Armenia

Nose surgery in Armenia

Nose surgeries are a big thing in Armenia. Now, I am not saying that anyone should do a nose job. But it’s true that a slight change in the shape of the nose can change a person’s appearance quite significantly. If you are one of those people who think about rhinoplasty or nose surgery, consider Armenia as a destination where to get that procedure done. In this post, I will explain why Armenia deserves your attention if you want to get a nose job done.

Reasons to do nose job in Armenia:

  • latest technologies,
  • experienced plastic surgeons in rhinoplasty,
  • very reasonable prices,
  • high standards of private in-patient care,
  • nice vacation while healing!

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Why do people do nose jobs in Armenia?

If you plan to apply to top nose surgeons in Armenia, most probably you will need to wait several weeks or months before they can accept you. This means that most surgeons are quite busy. You know why? Because rhinoplasty has become popular in Armenia for several years already? Why is Armenia in some sense aiming to become a hub for this kind of medical tourism? And here is why.

First, we should take into account that Armenia has a big diaspora. Those guys make money abroad and can easily afford surgery rates in Armenia. And it’s true that we Armenians have huge noses. 🙂 And, unfortunately, many of us aren’t happy about the natural appearance of our noses. So, originally, the demand for these surgeries started forming from Armenians who live abroad and who would come back to Armenia to get a nose job done. And of course, the list of typical Armenian features doesn’t end with a nose so check out the link and even get some tips on how to look Armenian. 😉

Secondly, Armenian surgeons have a good reputation. People read reviews of the best nose surgeons on websites like the one I linked. Of course, some rely on the first-hand experience of their friends and friends of friends. But if you are not lucky to have such an acquaintance, you can always read what others say. Believe me, those with bad experiences are not going to hide it. Those with good experience also share their impressions. So, take their words for granted.

Thirdly, do not think that I am boasting because of my Armenian origin but Armenian clinics are really equipped with the best technologies nowadays, particularly when it comes to rhinoplasty. Clinics like Avanta, Erebuni hospital, Shengavit Medical Center, and Hospital N2 are among the best. By the way, Hospital N2 also has the most affordable prices.

Lastly, Armenia has a long history of plastic surgery. You can read about 8 facts about the Armenian culture where I mention Varazdat Kazanyan, a dentist and an oral surgeon, who was the first to complete plastic surgery successfully. He founded plastic surgery and set standards that are widely used today.

Biggest nose surgery controversy in Armenia

I really want to emphasize that nose jobs are literally a cultural phenomenon in Armenia. We do get nose surgeries more than other nations do. We talk about it, we laugh about it, we make fun of each other over our noses, etc.

To fully understand how big of a thing this is for us, watch the video below. It’s about the campaign which is an example of really fun and smart creative work on the side of an Armenian advertising agency called Zuck. They created an amazing advertising campaign for a prominent local nose surgeon. And of course, it went viral because it resonated with the public so much. And it’s actually fun, so check it out.

How much does rhinoplasty cost in Armenia?

My advice is to be ready to spend at least 2000 USD to do a nose job in Armenia. However, the cost may range from USD 800 and up. For example, if you research social media sites, and talk to doctors and different clinics, you may find a clinic that may do the job even for as low as USD 500. This does not include additional services and post-surgery treatment. There are some additional fees for pre-surgical examination, medications, and hospital room. I would say USD 800 is the minimum you can think of.

After the surgery, you need to stay in Armenia for some time to recover. If you want to be free of hassle, the best thing is to consult agencies specializing in medical tourism. This will cost you more money, of course, but the benefit is that everything will be taken care of you.

To make your job easier, I have researched several agencies that provide medical tourism packages, including those for nose surgery in Armenia. Avanta is one such agency. Avanta’s team will meet you at the airport, provide you with a transfer and help with accommodation. As an Armenian with local contacts, I can definitely recommend this one. 

Another clinic specializing in medical tourism is “Arzni Aesthetica Surgicenter & Medspa” clinic. They offer decent travel packages for those who want to undergo surgery or other medical procedures in Armenia. The packages vary, some include not only basics like airport transfers, accommodation, and meals, but also some touristic programs, like visiting sites during your trip, etc.

You may want to contact the agencies above but if I were you I would first talk to former patients. If you are not lucky enough to know someone personally who has done nose surgery, you can search on Instagram. You may need to spend some time looking at the work of different surgeons. You can also read comments from former patients. Yep, it’s a lot of work! But your nose is at stake!

What does an Armenian rhinoplasty surgeon say?

I wanted to talk to someone who is in the business of rhinoplasty. So, I interviewed Dr. Davit Matevosyan to get first-hand information about nose surgery in Armenia. Here are excerpts from the interview.

Q: How can you compare Armenia with other countries when it comes to nose surgery?

A: Armenia is unique in the sense that we are used to doing complex cases. This is because Armenians normally have big noses. So, due to this peculiarity, surgical work is very developed in Armenia. We are just accustomed to solving difficult cases.

Q: Why do people prefer Armenia to do a nose job?

A: One, we have reasonable prices. Second, they already see hundreds and thousands of successful cases. So, people trust.

Q: What are the risks?

A: There are different risks connected with anatomic peculiarities, traumas, rehabilitation capacities, and other accompanying illnesses. One can face complexities like nose bleeding, nasal septum perforation, external nose deformation, etc.

Q: At what age do you recommend doing nose surgery?

We recommend doing a nose job after 18. We can do surgery on young people under 18 if they have serious nasal problems.

Q: What to expect before and after surgery?

A: You should be fully informed to avoid stress before and after the surgery. You should be aware that there will be bruises and pain. You should avoid physical strain for at least 1 month after the surgery. And you should avoid anticoagulants before the surgery.

Q: What advice can you give to people who want to do a nose job?

A: My advice is to do a nose job if you have breathing problems. If you are doing it for aesthetic reasons, do not do it under external pressure. Be sure to have your own decision about doing a nose job.

Wrapping up

As Dr. Davit Martirosyan says, doing nose surgery is an individual decision. It is a serious thing as it affects everything from your appearance to how you feel. I have provided links to some best clinics in this blog post. I strongly recommend reading reviews about the doctor before you choose the one who is going to do the nose surgery on you. 

If you are planning to visit my homeland and get your nose job done here, I recommend reading my post which will help you in choosing the best time to visit Armenia. And ladies, you may want to check out my writing about the safety of Armenia for solo female travelers. Here we go! You might as well be interested in dental implant cost in Armenia. That’s all I wanted to say. If I was helpful in any way, ping me on Twitter or Instagram with #ArmeniaTravelTips. Share your experiences with me. And good luck with your nose job!

Featured image credit: Taylor Write on Unsplash

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