6 fun Armenian games available in the App Store

Armenian games in App Store

It is not a surprise that games make all the friend gatherings twice more fun. As we always have our phones with us it makes more sense to download some of the Armenian games available in the App Store. These games will surely accompany you during your networking with locals. Let’s just jump into the list and see which one you download first!

Armenian games in the App Store:

  • Alias
  • Detective Me
  • Blot Point
  • Mafia Dealer
  • Milionater
  • Baraxax

After you review this list I want you to give me feedback on those games. I played some of those and enjoyed them but your feedback is important to me. So, please don’t forget to share your opinions with me on Instagram or Twitter with #ArmeniaTravelTips. I look forward to it!


Alias is a very well-known game. No matter where you come from you have probably heard of this game at least once in your life. The key factor in this game is to be quick and smart, that’s how you can win over your friends. You basically need to explain words to your game partner in a way they can guess it right.

There is also the Armenian board game version of Alias which is called “Ayl kerp” (you can read more about it at the link). Also, there are some entertainment places like Aeon and Loft that have those games where you can go to play (find more info about Loft in fun places in Yerevan post). Whatever way you prefer to play Alias, you can always find this Armenian game in the App Store.

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Detective Me

This game is for those who consider themselves Sherlock Holmes and like to do some exploration in their actual lives. It’s a very entertaining game for more than 3 people. You can gather with your friends and organize a fun night to play this game available in the App Store.

The way this Armenian game works is quite simple. One of the players isn’t supposed to see the secret word displayed on the playing card (they see the word “spy” instead). Everyone should ask questions to each other to detect the spy and those who know the real word can identify the suspicious one in the game. You surely need a good strategy and smart questions to ask in order to win.

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Free4.4/5Detective Me

Blot Point

This Armenian game in the App Store helps you keep a record of your Belote game points. So, instead of the old paper and pen recording method, you can have the automated version. Blot Point also has the statistics of the games you already played with your friends. It’s actually a very convenient app and saves lots of trouble.

Whoever made this game should also create something like this for the Armenian board game Nardi (read more about it at the link). Cause that’s probably the second most played game, after Blot, in our favorite old gazebos in Armenia 😃.

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Free4.9/5Blot Point

Mafia Dealer

Whoever loves the game Mafia will surely need to download this Armenian game from the App Store as soon as possible. Let me tell you why. As the name of the game suggests, when you’re playing mafia you won’t need an actual dealer anymore. Just get the app and you will have an automated dealer with full functionalities. It will assign random roles to game participants, can mark candidates, remove players and so on. This app is really handy when playing mafia with a limited number of people.

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Free5/5Mafia Dealer


“Who wants to be a Millionaire?” has likely been one of the TV shows we’ve all been waiting for when it was trending at a time. Well, Milionater is the Armenian version of the game available in the App Store. The interface of this game is quite simple. You are just asked questions that will train your intellectual knowledge and skills. This is also a fun and entertaining way of learning answers to interesting questions in many dimensions.

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If you want to learn some basic Armenian, this app might be useful. I would say Baraxax is mainly designed for kids (you can even tell that from the interface) to expand your vocabulary and train your brain. By the way, there are other Armenian games in the App Store in a similar category that are available by the same provider. You can check out the list here.

In case you are looking for a different alternative to master your Armenian language skills, I got you covered! I would suggest you have a look at the best Armenian learning apps that I discuss in this separate blog. Before you even start your learning journey it would be best to read about the Armenian language. I think after that you can go ahead and make a decision to master a new skill.

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Final thoughts on Armenian games in the App Store

Well, I hope you liked this list of Armenian games available in the App Store and will download some to play. I’m sure there are more to add to this list. So, please let me know what else you would add and which ones are your favorites on Instagram or Twitter with #ArmeniaTravelTips. I look forward!

Featured image credit: Pixabay on Pexels

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