Cost of alcohol in Armenia: supermarket vs bar prices

Cost of alcohol in Armenia

Armenia isn’t an expensive country to explore especially in terms of food and drinks compared to most European countries. So, while you’re here, don’t worry too much about spending a ton of money on bars and cafes. In fact, I thought you’d be curious to get a quick estimate of the expenses you’ll have while trying to have fun which alcohol is often a part of. I hope you’ll find this post useful.

Usually, in supermarkets, the average cost of bottled wine can range between 1800-5500 AMD ($4.5-$13.5). A bottle of beer will cost 600-800 AMD ($1.5-$2) and for cognac and whiskey, you should be prepared to pay between 11000-25000 AMD ($27-$62). In bars, the cost of alcohol can range between 700-15000 AMD ($1.7-$37).

As you already know, I enjoy reading your thoughts, and the topic of the costs of different things in Armenia is not an exception. Let me know if you consider alcohol in our country cheap or expensive compared to the country you come from. I am excited to read the opinions that you share with me on Instagram or Twitter with #ArmeniaTravelTips.

Cost of alcohol in supermarkets

Below you can see the cost of alcohol in Armenian supermarkets. The prices are listed for specific alcohol types and you can see the bottle size right next to it. I also leave the website links to those supermarkets in case you want to look for other alcoholic beverages: SAS supermarket, Yerevan City supermarket, and (this one only works with deliveries, no physical location).

Cost of the most popular Armenian wines

Red wine “Armenia” 0,75l2100 AMD ($5.20)1820 AMD ($4.50)1820 AMD ($4.50)
Red wine “Karas” 0,75l5190 AMD ($12.80)4800 AMD ($11.90)4800 AMD ($11.90)
Red wine “Takar” 0.75l5440 AMD ($13.40)4790 AMD ($11.80)4790 AMD ($11.80)
Red wine “Ijevan” 0.75l2790 AMD ($6.90)2420 AMD ($6)2620 AMD ($6.50)

Cost of local and imported beer in Armenia

Beer “Dargett Apricot” 0.33l670 AMD ($1.60)600 AMD ($1.50)590 AMD ($1.46)
Beer “Kilikia” 0.5l490 AMD ($1.20)440 AMD ($1.09)420 AMD ($1.04)
Beer “Corona Extra” 0.33l870 AMD ($2.15)710 AMD ($1.75)710 AMD ($1.75)
Beer “Heineken” 0.5l770 AMD ($1.90)650 AMD ($1.60)650 AMD ($1.60)

Cost of Armenian Cognac

Cognac “Ijevan Arqa” 0.5l (15 years old)20500 AMD ($50.65)17850 AMD ($44.10)17800 AMD ($44)
Cognac “Old Ijevan” 0.5l (10 years old)13200 AMD ($32.60)11440 AMD ($28.30)11440 AMD ($28.30)
Cognac “Ararat Akhtamar” 0.7l (10 years old)19600 AMD ($48.40)18390 AMD ($45.44)16800 AMD ($41.50)
Cognac “Noy Classic” 0.5l (10 years old)11900 AMD ($29.40)10950 AMD ($27)10650 AMD ($26.30)

Finally – the cost of whiskey in Armenia

Whiskey “Jameson” 1l24900 AMD ($61.50)22590 AMD ($55.80)19800 AMD ($48.90)
Whiskey “Jack Daniel’s Old Time N7” 0.7l21100 AMD ($52.13)19510 AMD ($48.20)19150 AMD ($47.30)
Whiskey “Ballantine’s Finest” 0.5l12500 AMD ($30.88)10990 AMD ($27.15)9750 AMD ($24.10)
Whiskey “Grant’s” 1l24500 AMD ($60.50)21890 AMD ($54.10)20200 AMD ($49.90)

You’ve probably noticed that I have mentioned lots of Armenian alcohol brands. That’s because we kinda master the art of making them. 🙂 In fact, we even have festivals dedicated to wine and beer and lots of other events for cognac. You can get acquainted with those festivals by reading my other blog post by simply clicking on the links. I’m convinced you’ll have lots of fun there if you attend 😉

Also, don’t forget that Armenia has a long tradition of producing cognac, or as we are now supposed to call it – brandy. I wrote a whole post about our iconic brandy label ArArAt, and the tasting tours they run in their Yerevan distillery. Check it out!

Cost of alcohol and cocktails in bars

I’m sure you are also curious to know what these alcohols will cost you if you get them at a bar. That’s why I made a table that includes the cost of alcohol in some popular bars in Armenia as well. And yeah, you’re right, I used my post about the best bars in Yerevan to give you exact numbers from their menus. So, let’s go!

Beatles pub

Alcohol typePrice range in AMD (per glass)
Wine1100-1900 (5000-19000 per bottle)

Friends pub

Alcohol typePrice range in AMD (per glass)
Wine800-1500 (4200-9000 per bottle)


Alcohol typePrice range in AMD (per glass)
Wine800-1500 (3500-22800 per bottle)

Wrapping up

I hope I was able to give you a clear answer on the cost of alcohol in Armenia. If you are interested in the nightlife cost of Armenia in general I prepared a separate post for you too. Also, check out some other fun ideas you can do to organize your night in Yerevan. Don’t forget to share your nightlife experiences with me on Instagram or Twitter with #ArmeniaTravelTips. Let’s compare and try to spend less next time 🙂

Featured image credit: Kelly on Pexels

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